An n’ Pale | CaféŽ Conversations

Join Haiti Cultural Exchange for our recurring public forums with a person of interest in our community. These discussions are designed to provide a glimpse into the person’s life, interests, inspirations, and work.

Guests range from authors, musicians, and dancers to chefs, photographers, and storytellers offering audiences a dynamic perspective on what’s happening in the world of Haitian art & culture today.

Past An n’ Pale | CaféŽ Conversations

Take a look at this selection of past An n’ Pale | CaféŽ Conversation Archives.

Lakou NOU Artists: Sabine Blaizin, Sherley Davilmar, Veroneque Ignace and Rodney ‘Okai’ Fleurimont

Musician & Archivist Georges Vilson

Chef Elle Philippe

Photographer Marc Baptiste

Visual Artist Edouard Duval-Carrié

Model & Artist Jany Tomba

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