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The first ever Creativity Unleashed workshop on February 8th featured a collection of bookbinding tutorials with Queens-based book artist Rejin Leys. Citing a history of books as one that predates literacy, Leys described the evolution of early book forms such as the scroll to the codex, pioneered by Gnostic Christians in Egypt, and the success and pitfalls of today’s no-stitch factory-manufactured books.

Leys also provided different examples of bookbinding techniques to get juices flowing and expose us to different decorating techniques such as screen printing, deckle edge, and cohesion; innovative ways to connect book signatures; and how to identify signs of quality bookbinding.

Rejin instructed the class in 4 types of books which ranged from a simple 3 page poster book made out of a single sheet of paper to a geometric diamond book that does this…

diamond book

Participants also decorated their books with special handmade paper covers and collage techniques which added a lot of depth and unique flair to everyone’s projects.

Here’s a picture of all our completed books!

CU w. Leys : All our books

The next Creativity Unleashed workshop will be on March 8 featuring designer Mahalia Stines who will lead participants in decorating totes & t-shirts with vèvès.

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