Archive: HCX | Haiti Film Fest Pre-season Screening of “Le President A-T-Il Le SIDA?”

On Saturday April 6th, 2013, FiveMyles Gallery was buzzing with anticipation for the screening of Arnold Antonin’s  Le President a-t-il le SIDA? which is the second free screening leading up to HCX | Haiti Film Fest 2013, May 9 – 12. Dao (played by Jimmy Jean-Louis) is  a popular musician leading a life full of sex and drugs. His life changes when he meets 23 year old Nina (Jessica Généus) and falls in love. Everything changes when Dao learns he has contracted HIV.

After the film, HCX hosted a talkback with actor Jimmy Jean-Louis. He shared his experiences working in the film industry, particularly working on politically themed movies such as Toussaint L’Ouverture and Moloch Tropical and what that meant to him as a Haitian actor. Jean-Louis answered questions about issues inside of the Haitian film industry and cited the need for more cinemas in Haiti. He also stated that consumer awareness of the impact of piracy is key to helping the industry grow. Jean-Louis discussed his work founding and running Hollywood Unites for Haiti and the issues that face Haiti as the country receives aid from foreign NGOs. The audience was also treated to a sneak peek of his new project, Ogou, Le Revenant directed by Bruno Mourral!

Check out some of the conversation via the HCX Channel here:

Click here for an exclusive recap of the conversation with Jimmy Jean-Louis, written by Tequila Minsky for Caribbean Life.

Click here to watch clips of the evening’s conversation, special thanks to Vania Andre at Amour Creole.

Click here to view more pictures of the event!

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