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A summer of Krik? Krak! at Haiti Cultural Exchange
by Régine M. Roumain

Krik? Krak! Storytelling and Songs was the very first program established by Haiti Cultural Exchange in 2009.  As we sought to develop our mission of presenting and preserving Haitian heritage, we thought that it was critical to focus on our oral history traditions.

Originally established as an 8-week Saturday program in one location, we realized that the program could have a broader impact if we took it on the road!  We are grateful to Ibi Zoboi, Madafi Pierre and Jennifer Celestin for sharing the folktales and songs with our community!  We are also grateful to Mimi Barthlemy for her extensive collection of Haitian folktales.

Our vision is to create a traveling TAP-TAP that will bring the stories of Bouki & Malice, Tezen, Simbi and HAITI to neighborhoods throughout NYC.  Here is a brief recap of this summer’s program.

Ibi Zoboi opened our summer of Haitian storytelling at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on Friday, July 6th, with a resounding KRIK? Children of all ages and backgrounds responded KRAK!

Ibi is a natural storyteller.  She was very comfortable recounting tales of Bouki & Malice; explaining to the children and their families that Bouki & Malice often did bad things – and that the stories were used as lessons for Haitian children as to what NOT to do.  Bouki and Malice ate all of Madan Kalenderic’s eggs and lied!  A big no, no!  Mimi Barthelemy’s tale of “How the Goat Learned to Climb” was quite captivating — with perseverance, we can accomplish much.  Lastly, Edwidge Danticat’s story, “Eight Days”, about the Haiti earthquake was read to the children, most of which had heard about the earthquake.  “Where is Haiti?” asked Ibi.  “What language do they speak there?”  All questions asked were intended for the audience to gain a better understanding of Haiti, the culture and traditions, and brought children and adults together in a moment of shared youth and imagination.

Madafi Pierre, led the second session of Krik:Krak! at the Eastern Parkway Library on Saturday, July 21.  Madafi sang “Panama Mwen Tonbe” and read from her newly published children’s book “Loco’s Lullaby”.  Lastly, Jennifer Celestin, joined HCX on August 3rd at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and regaled the audience of children, parents, and caregivers, with a story about Bouki going to the market and being scared of his own shadow.

Stay tuned for more storytelling and songs with Goussy Celestin this fall!

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