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January 14: From Here to Haiti


From Here To Haiti, LTD. is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to raise funds for the benefit of the people of Haiti by repairing non-governmental buildings used for public assembly, in particular Catholic and/or Christian churches and their related structures and by the creation of local employment opportunities for the people of Haiti through that repair work.

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Archive:André Juste on the mission of the AQ/ArtQuake Portfolio


A year ago the earth adjusted itself and in a fearful momentary growl reduced as many as 300,000 Haitians into unceremoniously buried flesh. Countless others would bear the trauma of this unspeakable horror in the disfigurement of their bodies and, both within and outside of Haiti, in the shock registered in their memory. If before this tragedy most Haitians had little difficulty in apprehending   “les invisibles” and, in their own way, the various forces in their universe, their post-earthquake consciousness must render their external world more than just merely visible.  For the mind, as a meaning-making entity, is forever attempting to refashion the various levels of reality that come within its purview.

The series of prints produced for  AQ/ART QUAKE, a fundraiser for Haitian artists and artisans directly impacted by the quake, suggests that, thematically, much of the world has been Haitianized, touched as it had already been by, among other memories, that of  1492 Hispaniola,  the 1791 anti-slavery revolution, and on and on with the political and socio-cultural struggle. Haiti’s copious offerings,  to  which its people themselves would like to add their own codas but must also pass on to others, add up to much more than a historical bequest. This is evident at least in the ten stylistically varied prints that ten mostly New York-based artists, who happen to be of Haitian, Cuban, Dominican, Nevisian and Mexican backgrounds, have contributed to the fund-raising effort. It would seem that the trials of the Haitian nation, and especially its relentless strides toward a liberation consciousness vis-à-vis both objective and subjective matters, is prefigured in various degrees in the selfless and empathetic contributions of these artists.

This is all the more significant in that even though the artists were not asked to address a particular theme, six of them, Didier William, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Marlie Decopain, Kathy Mooses, Aurora De  Armendi, and Terry Boddie have contributed works wherein,   thematically, a fathoming of symbolic,  reshuffled reality is unfolding.  Klode Garoute, Rejin Leys and Scherezade Garcia in different ways structure this reality in dualistic terms and Juana Valdes, as if “without faith and words,” objectifies the locus of its identity within the self.

All in all, this serious, historically important collection of prints—contextually a rarity, indeed—intimates that the struggle and suffering of the Haitian nation is not just surmountable but pregnant with philosophical relevance and possibilities.

Andre Juste
December 2010

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Archive: HCX First Annual Membership Drive at Deity, December 11, 2010




On December 11, 2010, we held our first ever Membership Drive, inviting the community to join Haiti Cultural Exchange as our first official members.

Deity Lounge and Supperclub hosted us at their Atlantic Avenue location in Downtown Brooklyn, and we were joined by many community members, new faces, and performers Buyu Ambroise and Martin Schwartz.

Downstairs in the lounge, DJ Oja played favorites from Haiti and the 80’s, to a crowd of almost 100.

Entire generations of families came to support HCX, and we were able to raise $7,000 in our goal to match our recent Union Square Arts award of $35,000.

To help us reach our goal in the new year, and establish the first Haitian Cultural Center in NYC, consider joining as a member at

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