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Harvest Homecoming | Recap


On October 20th, 2019 Haiti Cultural Exchange joined the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for their annual Harvest Festival! Mahalia Stines presented a workshop on Zaka, the loa of harvest and agriculture and Fanmi Asòtò gave a stellar performance featuring traditional Haitian tunes emphasizing the harvest theme.

Mahalia Stines is a Brooklyn based Fiber Artist and Culture Conservationist. Although formally trained as a Costume Designer at the French Fashion Academy with the Great Carole H. Beule, Mahalia has always had a strong interest in Fiber and its infinite possibilities and applications, an interest that grew from watching the Russian-Haitian Artist Tamara Baussan at work.

In recent years her practice has evolved into the production of Large scale Art Quilts, small mixed media collages and wall sculptures, incorporating the various fiber processes and skills she’s acquired over the years, from weaving, felting, embroidery, quilting to beadwork and exploring themes as varied as Mother Nature’s chaos to History.

Cultural elements from her Native Haiti often feature prominently in her work, she firmly believes that Culture is our greatest natural resource, therefore sharing the vibrant culture of Haiti is becoming a Mission. She continues to design costumes, for the last four years for Durham based Gaspard & Dancers and Brooklyn Based Fanmi Asòtò.

Fanmi Asòtò is a Haitian cultural organization whose drum performance, community workshops, and herbal teachings are rooted in Vodou. Paying homage to the asòtò drum, the mother of all African descended drums, their mission is to encourage identity building for all Haitians but particularly for Haitian American youth who are the next generation of Haitian culture and Vodou. Created in 2014 by Sirene Dantor Sainvil, with the support of her husband and master drummer Jean Guy “Fanfan” Rene, Fanmi Asòtò seeks to develop a sense of pride within the Haitian community in a way that people of all backgrounds can be attracted to.

Click here to view photos. 


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Chile Pepper Festival | Recap


In collaboration with Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Haiti Cultural Exchange presented several bands and vendors at their annual Chile Pepper Festival. This year’s theme was ‘N’awlins Flavored’ and given the close connection Haiti has to New Orleans it was only right that we add our own special spices to the mix!

Performances by Buyu Ambroise & The Blues In Red Band fusing jazz with traditional Haitian tunes and was followed by Plezi Rara, a Haitian band on foot who closed out the show.

Vendors included: Myabèl, Bazile Sauce, and Pierre’s Spicy Nut butter.




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Annual Garden Day at BQLT | Recap


On Saturday, September 14th HCX joined the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust in celebration of their Annual Garden Day. Catching up with the BQLT gardeners and their neighbors at 1100 Block Bergen Association Garden at the end of a long bike tour of Brooklyn community gardens, HCX brought vocalist Sheila Anozier accompanied by Okai Musik to bring a last kick of energy as we lounged in the garden and shared time with friends.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 9.27.37 PM


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Lakou NOU 2019 | ROOTS GARDEN by Tasha Dougé


Tasha Banner

Tasha Dougé (Canarsie) is a Bronx-based multidisciplinary artist and cultural enthusiast. Her body of work activates conversations around women empowerment, health advocacy, sexual education, and Black community pride. Tasha believes it is fundamental to her artistic practice to shift narratives to depict a more holistic description of who we are and what we have contributed. Her art is a tool to exercise expression, enact empowerment and serve as a bridge to connect and highlight those that may feel excluded and/or overlooked. By creating provocative works that elicit authentic, raw and at times, uncomfortable feelings, Tasha aims to spark open and honest conversations that lead to change and REFORM.

As part of  her Lakou NOU 2019 residency, Tasha is developing programming focused on uplifting the significance of joumou (“pumpkin” in Haitian Kreyòl) as a tool to highlight, illuminate, introduce and re-introduce its significance and retell the story of the Haitian Revolution. The Roots Garden (located inside the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum’s garden) is about storytelling and encouraging a connection back to the land by actively cultivating Haitian pride and collective memory.  Reclaiming urban, and specifically the Haitian Diaspora community’s connection to land will work to restore and replenish ancestral, spiritual and collective wealth. Shared experiences in land stewardship, community health, creative expression, and collective investment will link to historic and contemporary efforts towards self-liberation.

Roots Garden activations will take place throughout the duration of the joumou gardening season (August – December). If you are interested in volunteering at the Roots Garden, please contact Tasha Dougé at [at]

Current activity dates include:

Ancestors’ Weekend
More info coming soon!
DATE/TIME: January 3-4, 2020 | Time TBD

Past activity dates:
It Started with a Seed | Collage Workshop
Seeds are small, yet mighty. They are symbols of renewal, transformation and endless possibilities. Most importantly, seeds are the beginning just like many of our thoughts. Thoughts are the seeds that give rise to action. Join Lakou NOU residency artist Tasha Dougé as we use seeds to create art that inspires us to action. We will also reflect on how the thought of freedom became the successful Haitian Revolution. Tasha’s workshop is part of Creative Homesteading: Putting the Farm to Bed. Read about the day’s activities via Wyckoff House Museum.
DATE/TIME: Saturday, October 5 | 12-2pm
LOCATION: The Wyckoff House Museum | 5816 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203 MAP
ADMISSION: FREE | No RSVP required | Family Friendly
And So It Begins…| Storytelling & Sharing
Join Tasha for storytime around the beginnings of the Haitian Revolution. This is also an opportunity to chat with her and learn about her project first hand. Tasha will be reading from Boukman: Black Revolution by Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr., the story of revolutionaries Dutty Boukman and Cecile Fatiman as they begin the initial slave revolts which ignite The Haitian Revolution.
Tasha’s storyhour will begin at 11:30am.
Read about the Wyckoff House Museum’s Farmhouse Family Day here.
DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 17th | 11:30-12:30pm
LOCATION: The Wyckoff House Museum | 5816 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203 MAP
ADMISSION: FREE | No RSVP required | Family Friendly

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