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Creativity & Focus | A photography exhibition highlighting the work of four Haitian and Haitian-American photographers.


Haitians from the Diaspora
Creativity & Focus

a photo exhibition

Haitians from the Diaspora: Creativity & Focus presented the works of four photographers living in the U.S. which captured images of their fellow Diaspora. The exhibition focused on the intersections of politics, art, space, and tradition versus contemporary culture.

Haitians from the Diaspora premiered at FiveMyles Gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on August 24th, 2013 through September 5th, 2013.

Exhibiting photographers are MichaÎlle Chapoteau, Marie-Jeanne FethiËre, Richard Louissaint, and Jean H. Marcelin.

For purchase or future exhibition inquires contact Exhibition Curator: Régine M. Roumain at

About the Photographers

Rara Series MichaÎlle Chapoteau immigrated to the Unites States from Haiti as a teenager. She began as a street photographer inspired by the words of French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson: “The Decisive Moment.” in a fraction of a second you must know with intuition when to click the camera or the moment is gone.
The concept behind Chapoteau’s featured works is an artistic acknowledgment of the importance of Haitian musicians and visual artists. Paying homage to the talents, dedication, and perseverance of these artists who are bringing Haitian culture to universal audience
Cross & Food Marie-Jeanne FethiËre is a self-taught photographer whose expressive style captures the unique, authentic, and unexpected moments she finds in her present environment, wherever that might be.
This collection of photographs is FethiËre’s attempt to illustrate different aspects of the immigrant and second generation Haitian life as she sees it in NYC. Moments shared with Haitian spiritual, artistic, entrepreneurial and professional persons fill the context and lens of this body of work.
Val Richard Louissaint was born in Montreal, Quebec to two loving Haitian parents before migrating to New York City at a very young age. Growing up in Queens, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of the Caribbean Diaspora while being very influenced by the African-American experience.
Louissaint’s photos are a selection from The Haitian Creatives Series, an ongoing series that began as a long term project to document the community of Haitian artists living and working in New York. This is about them; the musicians, painters, radio hosts, actors, and beyond. Visit to view more of his work.
MereMere Jean Herve Marcelin was born in New York and spent his childhood years in Flatbush, Brooklyn. During a trip to Havana, Cuba in 2005, Jean became extremely interested in documentary-style photography. Inspired by the culture of the Caribbean and through his Haitian heritage, Jean found his voice.
Marcelin views this selection of photos as an ode to his memories of Flatbush, Brooklyn and an attempt to capture a community of Haitians in the Diaspora who are proud of their identity and who are telling the world through their art, lifestyle and daily existence that their hearts will always be planted in Haiti.




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August 31: Beautifully Haitian Photo Project opens in Queens!


 beautifully haitian

The Beautifully Haitian Photo Project coming to Queens, NY August 31st, 2013. The Beautifully Haitian Photo Project started in the Washington, DC area and is looking to expand to New York. Women of all ages who identify as being Haitian are invited to have their photos taken, free of charge for the project, starting at 5pm, August 31st, 2013.

The concept behind the Beautifully Haitian Photo Project is to showcase the diversity and beauty of being a Haitian woman; and to combat ingrained negative media and societal stereotypes.

DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 starting at 5pm.

LOCATION: Welling Court Mural Project
70 Welling Court Queens, NY 11102 

More information: Vanessa Geffrard at 443-850-3800 or at  to reserve your spot.

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July 10: “Haiti” An Exhibition of Photographs by Giles Clarke


Come out for the opening night of Photographer Giles Clarke new photo exhibit

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Archive: Ti Atis Afterschool Workshops at P.S.189, The Bilingual Center



HCX began a two-pronged session of Ti Atis Afterschool Workshops at P.S.189, The Bilingual Center, in February 2013. The session included a photo narrative workshop for 6th & 7th graders led by photographer Richard Louissaint and a collaborative mural project for 4th & 5th graders led by visual artist Jules Joseph.

The Photography Narrative Workshop offered 13 students an opportunity to experience working with an unfamiliar medium. Students began the workshop with a study in photo critique, where they were asked to view books by photographers from around the world. They were encouraged to share their ideas about the aesthetics of the photographs and to reach a consensus on the meaning of each image.

Many of the kids felt that the photos of Brooklyn neighborhoods during the summertime were the best, particularly one of a football casting a shadow against a blacktop.  The group felt that it captured the moment from so many angles: the energy of the game, the moving shadow, and the finite number of days in summer. Following the critique, students were introduced to Richard’s impressive collection of vintage films and modern digital cameras. He explained the basic features of cameras such as the F-stop, shutter, and ISO speeds.

2013-03-15 15.13.05 8616484417_cf43e0006b_b2013-03-15 16.14.48

Subsequent sessions explored the elements of composing a photo, deciding a focal point, filling the frame, getting in close and, most importantly, experimenting! In a series of exercises with cameras provided by HCX and the Photography Department at Pratt Institute, students visited other after-school classrooms and sites around the school grounds to test out their knowledge. For the final project, they selected a storyline for which they had to take five photos explaining their creative focus. The completed photo narratives were displayed on the Ti Atis Afterschool Workshop bulletin board outside the school’s main office.

The Collaborative Mural Project brought together a total of 24 4th & 5th graders to create an indoor mural. Through a series of brainstorming workshops that responded to the theme of “Knowledge is Power,” students created symbols, pictures, and patterns that were later interpreted by the instructing muralist Jules Joseph. Students used a range of idea-generating techniques and mediums to explore the mural’s theme; in one exercise they learned about the significance of different symbols, in another they experimented with mixing colors. These exercises contributed to the development of their artistic skills and to their understanding of the role of the arts in fostering community.

2013-03-22 10.58.43nefatali working on mural_D9A5725

After an incident that involved a huge puddle of paint and some very blue hands, the students cracked down on the mural fabrication. Students worked on the wall with intensity and focus, making sure to stay within the mural mock-up and use the correct color code. Over the course of 3 weeks, they worked with Jules to paint and plan the 165 sq. ft. mural and add their own touches in the blue background where they painted icons representing their concept of knowledge. Jules also integrated photos of three of the workshop students (left to right: Cameron, Nefetali, and Mercedes) into the mural design. It was interesting to observe the new ownership of the wall that the students expressed to their classmates “Don’t touch the wall! It’s not ready! It’s not dry!” and at passing classrooms of students, “Please, don’t lean on the wall yet. We’re still working on it.” Many of the student and staff bystanders pointed to the three portraits in progress and tried to guess who the students were. Others were curious as to how we got the images so big, Ti Atis students rushed to explain the process of grid-work and using a projector to create a blown up image. The completed mural presents images of students in contemplative poses bound together by green vines which symbolize the ever-increasing unifier of knowledge.

Click here for more photos of this session of Ti Atis Afterschool Workshop.

The dedication ceremony took place on May 3rd before an audience of workshop students, their peers, P.S.189 administration, and HCX staff. In front of the completed mural, student artists and their peers were encouraged to respond to the new mural and what meanings came forth. Students spoke to the reinforced sense of school pride and how this mural stands as a symbol for their love of learning and overcoming “larger than life” obstacles. Later, the group moved to the photo exhibition where the featured photographers talked about their process and difficulty working with photography such as perspective, timing, and lighting. The students also talked about how their effort to capture something specifically led them to see something they hadn’t originally been looking for.


Working with the students reinforced in me the need for the arts in compulsory public education. The meshing of ideas and perspectives witnessed during this session made evident that some situations can only be answered through collaborative and creative thought. As school districts all over the U.S. continue to whittle down their arts programs (what they consider elective activities), the opportunities for our young people to learn innovative thought processes and the importance of constructive self-expression is dwindling. Through programs such as Ti Atis Afterschool Workshops and the many arts-based afterschool programs blossoming across the country, we as teachers of the next generation must continue to give our children the tools for an innovative, inclusive, and culturally-informed tomorrow.

If you believe in the change we are making at P.S.189, The Bilingual Center, consider making a designated donation to HCX | Youth programming to support Ti Atis Afterschool Workshops and our other youth programs.

Amount: $

In the donation memo line, designate your gift to HCX Youth Programs.


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