Rasin Lakay features Youry Vixamar


Papa Gede “This song is an adaptation, a classic by Carole Demesmin. We decided to make a video with images taken with phones in two different countries, even when times are hard and I am far from Lisbania. It shows that there are no limits or time restrictions to creativity.” –Youry Vixamar Click on the images […]

Rasin Lakay features Glenda Lezeau


Self-Love Letters for Healing “In these videos, we will talk about emotional wellness and I will guide you on how to write yourself a letter to help you be more in tuned with your emotions. – Glenda Lezeau The mini-series, Self-Love Letters for Healing, is inspired by Glenda Lezeau’s book, Letters to My Bipolar Self, where she wrote […]

Rasin Lakay features Okai Fleurimont


Vibration & Frequency Introduction to Vibration & Frequency: “Allow me to reintroduce myself to you through meditation, music and movement. I will share with you the many layers of my artistry. Drummer, vocalist, beat maker & community activist. We will start with a meditation followed by drumming and an exploration of past and latest songs […]

Rasin Lakay features Daniel “Dadi” Beaubrun


Madanm Sa a “MADANM SA A,” is my way of expressing the strength, the power of women… The core of all existence. Our native country Haiti is often portrayed as a woman with many scars, but I feel her strength, beauty, and power should be upfront. I hope you enjoy the song.” –Dadi Beaubrun   Daniel […]