2020 Lakou NOU | Daveed Baptiste


Daveed Baptiste (East Flatbush) is a multi-disciplinary artist working between fashion design, photography, and textiles. Born in Haiti and raised in Miami Florida, he moved to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design, where he will graduate with a BFA in May.   Through, dance, fashion, photography, and public installations, Daveed’s Lakou NOU project is a multidisciplinary […]

Diane Exavier | Diaspora NOW | Taking The Time To See by Tassiana Larochelle


Taking The Time To See  A crowd gathered at Five Myles gallery on February 9th, an unassuming Sunday afternoon. The intimate group mingled over drinks and appetizers as they casually admired the vivid art work lining the gallery walls. We had come to see a theatrical reading of Solange and Frankie Rite Love Songs in […]

Solèy Midi with Talie Cerin | Diaspora NOW


On Saturday, February 8th Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted an album listening premiere of singer/songwriter Talie’s latest project “Solèy Midi,” at FiveMyles Gallery as part of Diaspora NOW. Diaspora NOW is a platform for emerging literary and performing artists of Haitian descent to premiere works in New York City, offering opportunities for Haitians and the general […]

Pa Bliye Toto Bissainthe by Talie Cerin | Diaspora NOW


On February 7th 2020 at ShapeShifter Lab, Haiti Cultural Exchange put together a night that truly embodied the versatility that was Toto Bissainthe. Toto was an actress, a storyteller, a singer, an activist, the list goes on. It was only fitting to honor such a multifaceted artist with a multimedia presentation.   Shapeshifter Lab was covered […]