Rasin Lakay features Jaden Timoun


Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour of Jaden Timoun Through Haitian storytelling with Darnelle and Wynnie, children and their families heard and saw original short stories in Haitian Creole, as experienced through Jaden Timoun. Sessions were interactive, calling on participants to engage their senses through song, movement, listening and watching stories come to life. Stories were also accompanied by brief […]

Rasin Lakay features Jeff Pierre


Rara Challenge To take part in Jeff Pierre’s Rara Challenge, all participants needed to do was use Jeff’s Rara track and film themselves doing a solo of their choice. Participants were encouraged to have fun and be creative; they were also given free reign on the solo: drumming, dancing, singing, cooking, painting–the sky was the limit!To view the Rara Challenge (and challengers), look up #RaraChallenge and #HCXRASINLakay on social media.  You […]

Rasin Lakay features Fritz Bernardin


“Suite Folklorique Haitienne” The music you hear is Fritz Bernardin’s ‘Suite Folklorique Haitienne’. It honors his late father, Bertrand Bernardin, whose love of Haitian culture and music deeply influenced Fritz’ career. Suite Folklorique Haitienne:⁣⁣⁣ Written in three parts, the suite invokes the sacred vodou number, twa (3)⁣⁣⁣ and takes us on a dream journey as the […]

Rasin Lakay features Rejin Leys


“Book of Numbers for Your Pandemic Dreams” Rejin Leys’ bilingual, animated dream book provides lottery numbers for what you might be dreaming about during the Covid19 crisis.     “The dream books in my collection include outdated words like “icebox,” “snuff,” and “typewriter.” A dream book for the pandemic wouldn’t have been complete without a number for […]