Lakou NOU 2018 | Temporary Protected Status by Stefani Saintonge


Join Haiti Cultural Exchange’s Lakou NOU 2018 artist in residence  Stefani Saintonge for a discussion and screening on deportations & TPS. Throughout 2018, Stefani Saintonge has gathered anecdotes from TPS holders and their family members in Crown Heights and throughout Brooklyn, documenting their journey to the US, their work since arriving here and their current state in order […]

Lakou NOU 2018 | Istwa Nan Je Yo by Richard Louissaint


Join Haiti Cultural Exchange’s Lakou NOU 2018 artist in residence Richard Louissaint for a film screening and discussion. Places, whether it be a childhood home, the local bodega, the park you spent your days during long summers, hold some sort of significant memory that seem insignificant until you recall it. Louissaint’s culminating Lakou NOU event […]

Lakou NOU 2018 | Demanbre: Herbal Wellness and Haitian Heritage by Sirene Dantor Sainvil


  Sirene Dantor Sainvil (Canarsie) is a Haitian culture preservationist who used her passions to develop Fanmi Asòtò, a Haitian cultural organization whose drum performance, community workshops, and herbal teachings are rooted in Haitian Vodou. Sainvil seeks to encourage identity building for all Haitians but particularly for Haitian American youth. Paying homage to the asòtò drum, the mother of […]

Yon Moman Sou Plas | Atis Angaje Conversations featuring Sherley Davilmar


Yon Moman Sou Plas | Atis Angaje Conversations featuring Sherley Davilmar Join HCX and Lakou NOU 2016 Artist Resident, Sherley Davilmar as she host an Atis Angaje lunch conversation discussing the work that she did during her “How Desensitized Are We?” residency project. She’ll be focusing her talk on the intersections of health and wellness, gentrification, […]