Exclusive Listening Party & Conversation with Paul Beaubrun – by Tassiana Larochelle, HCX Fundraising Intern


The HCX community came out on Wednesday, April 8th, to La CAYE restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn for a special exclusive listening party featuring an intimate performance and discussion with Paul Beaubrun.  Part of an illustrious family of musicians and entertainers, Beaubrun’s grandfather, Théodore Beaubrun was a comedic icon known for his portrayal of the much beloved “Languichatte Debordus”.  His parents, “Lolo” and “Manzè” Beaubrun, are the founders of the World famous and Grammy nominated band, Boukman Eksperyans.  The rasin singer had just released his latest album, a solo, acoustic effort titled Vilnerab (Vulnerable).

The night began in conversation with HCX Director, Régine M. Roumain.

“It’s awesome to see that you’ve got your own groupies!” teased Roumain, remarking on the artist’s expanding fan-base.  “My schedule has been incredibly hectic,” Beaubrun deflected humbly, speaking of his tour for the album, he added “I’ve hardly had time for sleep!”  When asked of his musical influences, Beaubrun beamed “I’m proud to have come from such a talented family; they’ve obviously had a huge influence on my music.”

“I also was exposed to all kinds of music growing up as a result.” Beaubrun added, listing greats such Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin as some of his influences.

The night concluded with an incredibly intimate performance, including a show stopping cover of Mizik Mizik’s ‘Ayizan’ and an impromptu serenade by the charismatic crooner.  HCX’s signature access to the performer meant that Beaubrun generously and eagerly fell into conversations with our audience members, his charm guaranteeing that everyone left as devoted fans.

Click here to look at photos of this event.

Download Vilnerab by clicking here! Also available at the HCX Boutik.

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