February 14: Haiti in the Collective Imagination

Gallatin Galleries Curator Keith Miller has invited students, alumni and Haitian artists to explore through photography, painting and multi-media Haiti in the Collective Imagination.  What do we visualize when we think of Haiti?  Baby/Papa Doc?  Wyclef Jean?  Etchings influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat?  Photos of Tonton Macoutes? Jean-Jacques Dessalines ripping the French flag and calling on the gods of Vodun to protect his “Hayti”?  How does art illuminate the complicated and complex legacy of Haiti in the 21st century?

LOCATION: The Gallatin Galleries, 1 Washington Place New York, NY 10003
DATE: Monday, February 14th- Tuesday, March 1st.
Opening Reception: Monday, Feruary 14th, 6:30pm

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