HCX to Haiti: a cultural journey

1779324_10152232318701830_508481738_nOnce a year, HCX takes a trip to Haiti with the hopes of building relationships with artists and organizations to further the exchange of culture between the Diaspora and Haiti. During the last two trips, we have made everlasting connections that have been more than fruitful. With support from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, HCX staff was able to travel to Haiti in February 2014 in preparation for Selebrasyon!, New York’s first large-scale festival of Haitian arts and culture, held this past May and June.  The journey allowed us to build relationships with artists such as DJ Gardy Girault, Boukman Eksperyans, Gessica Généus and Maksaens Denis — who all participated in the six-week Selebrasyon! festival.  We were also able to collaborate with nonprofits such as Pen Haiti, FOKAL, Ciné Institute and Artisan Business Network; strengthening our network among organizations working to develop and support Haitian culture.

As we build upon the existing relationships that we have made, we want to share these connections with the Diaspora.  This year, we would like to invite YOU to join us from January 17-25th.  During this journey, we will take you on a cultural exploration of Haiti by visiting museums, historical sites, local galleries, and conversing with artists.  We will also be attending the 10 day Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival, where musicians from around the world participate in a celebration of jazz.

Interested in joining us?  Send an email to regine@haiticulturalx.org to get the details! Space is limited, as we are looking to travel with no more than 12 people.  We look forward to having you join us as we continue to build upon our vast cultural richness and share the art, music, food, and culture of Haiti with you!

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