Jan. 12: Haitian Groups to March from Times Square to UN to Mark Earthquake Anniversary

New York City’s Haitian community invites all New Yorkers to participate in “Marching for Change,” a rally and solidarity march to mark the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Marchers will gather in Times Square for a kick-off rally, followed by a march to the Haitian consulate and then the United Nations. The event will shine a spotlight on the unacceptably slow pace of recovery and unlivable conditions in the beleaguered Caribbean nation.

WHEN: 2 PM to 5 PM, Wed., Jan. 12, 2011
WHERE: The march will begin with a Call to Action rally in Times Square at 42nd St. and Broadway, proceed to the Haitian consulate on 39th St. and Madison Ave. and end at the United Nations’ Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47th St and 1st Ave.
WHO: Diaspora Community Services, Housing Works, NHAHA, DwaFanm, Haitian Centers Council, and others to be announced
SPEAKERS: Include Jacques De Graff, Assistant Pastor, Canaan Baptist Church and social justice activist. De Graff will speak at the UN.

The Jan. 12 event will be attended by committed individuals, clergy, Haitian community leaders and diverse organizations. The kick-off “Call to Action” rally in Times Square will make four demands to the Haitian government and the international community (read demands below).

For the past year the world has witnessed the disastrous conditions in Haiti after the earthquake. With more than 200,000 dead and more than one million displaced, Haiti continues to need the help of caring individuals and the international community.

“We need donor nations to live up to their pledges if Haiti is to rebuild into a modern society,” said Carine Jocelyn, Executive Director of Diaspora Community Services. “The Haitian government and the Reconstruction Committee must provide leadership, prioritize and fund our Call to Action priorities with the understanding that Haitian civil society must be included in the plans for their country.”

Charles King, President and CEO of Housing Works echoed Jocelyn’s comments. “We will use this march to come together, show our support and solidarity with Haiti and demand action!” he said. Since the earthquake, Housing Works has opened two medical clinics in Haiti.

The four Call to Action demands addressed to the Haitian government and the international community are:

1) Removing the Rubble! Rubble removal is key if Haiti is to begin rebuilding.
2) Provide Safe and Secure Shelter! The focus of redevelopment efforts must be on replacing the intolerable conditions of tent cities with long-term housing.
3) Provide Clean Water and Sanitation! There are simple, effective ways to provide clean water in Haiti. Water-borne cholera has already claimed over 3,000 lives.
4) Provide Jobs! Haiti’s economy must be revitalized to provide national stability and break the cycle of poverty.

Taken from http://www.housingworks.org/blogs/detail/jan.-12-haitian-groups-to-march-from-times-square-to-un-to-mark-earthq/

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