January 12 – March 8: “Spirit Migration: the floating, the fleeting, the spectral” at BrutEdge Gallery

brut edge spirit migrationEbbing between existential angst and glimmers of that which endures beyond us, art that attempts to represent that supernatural domain just beyond reach is universally recognized as part and parcel of the very impetus to create. In the Caribbean especially, where cultures have crashed together, battled and become an assemblage of disparate ideas and customs – it is religious or spiritual art that challenges viewers most directly with representations of the sacred and the profane.

About BrutEdge Gallery

BrutEdge Gallery supports contemporary art from around the world, in particular artists from the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa and Outsider Art.

Visiti www.brutedge.com or call 646-233-1260 for more details.

DATE/TIME: January 12th – March 8th / Call Gallery for viewing hours.
LOCATION: BrutEdge Gallery at Space 574, Mana Center, 888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

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