Klas Kreyol Pou Ti Moun Session I


Haitian-American Children Group (HACG) is a cooperative of Haitian-American parents who believe in the importance of retaining and passing down the Haitian culture to their children. HACG just launched its first Kreyol Class for children this year. Session I of the class meets on a weekly basis at Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project in Brooklyn. Classes are taught age-appropriately in a creative, to capture the children’s attention and interest. The objective of the class is mastery in comprehension and speech through learningculture and history. Registration is still open.


Klas Kreyol




03:00 PM- 04:00 PM


208 Parkside Avenue 2nd. Floor

Brooklyn NY 11226.

HACG is not a funded organization but rather a cooperative of parents. To help sustain the class, a one time suggested donation of $50.00 per child for the full session of 10 classes is recommended at registration. No one will be turned away, but we appreciate any contribution or support that is possible. Funds collected from donation cover the cost for use of space, refreshments, and coursework materials (books, paper, folders, pen, pencils, crayons, markers, and other arts and craft materials, etc.) Participants are required to register and commit to the full session of 10 classes which will officially begin on Saturday 02/02/2013. At the conclusion of each session, we will reoffer to continue the program for another 10 classes. Feel Free to call or email me to inquire about registration.

If you are also interested in joining our group, simply use the link at the bottom of this message to gain access to our webpage. All you need to do is open an account with meetup.com, and request to join Haitian-American Children Group. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns. I can be reached at (917) 859-1944.

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