March 22: The Haitian Round Table Presents: 1804 List of Haitian-American Changemakers and Ones to Watch Recognition Ceremony & Reception

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Save the date! Join The Haitian Round Table Saturday March 22, 2014 for a special Ceremony & Reception, as they recognize Haitian-Americans who have changed the world, and community for the better. Who are the Haitian-Americans making a difference in America? To answer that question, The Haitian Roundtable joined with The Haitian Times, Radio Soleil, Kompa Guide and The Stewardship Report to select  the Inductees for the 1804 List of Haitian-American Changemakers and Ones To Watch in the United States.


The 1804 List, named in honor of Haiti’s year of independence, recognizes Haitian-American Changemakers in the United States who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and success in their profession and proven themselves to be forces for change in their communities. They are seen as thought leaders, trailblazers, or unsung heroes who, through their deeds and accomplishments, have helped to create a better understanding of Haiti and the Haitian community. The 1804 List will also recognize outstanding Haitian-Americans as our Ones To Watch who represent our community’s innovators and rising stars from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Our List reflects the broad range of accomplishments by Haitian-Americans in the United States. The 1804 List of Haitian-American Changemakers and Ones To Watch for 2014 includes a former U.S. Ambassador, an international soccer superstar and a NBA legend, an Emmy award winning make-up artist, iconic actor, pioneering not-for-profit leaders, ground breaking jazz vocalist, legislator and entrepreneur.

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