An Emotional Quarantine:

A Self Portrait Series

“This project, like many that have come out of this forced isolation, is a form of self-care. From late March to the present, this has been a way to photograph, a form of expression that has essentially been taken away from me once Stay-at-Home orders were put into place.” – Richard Louissaint

View the 7-series project on Richard’s website.

Richard Louissaint is a first-generation Haitian-American filmmaker and photographer from New York City. Growing up in Queens, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of the Caribbean diaspora but was primarily influenced by Haitian and African-American culture.  His work centers on people of color, especially those of Haitian descent, through portraiture, film and documentaries. His work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, and most recently at the Wyckoff House Museum. His films have screened at the Haiti Film Fest, New York Short Film Festival, and Newark International Film Festival. Richard also holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.

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