Braid.Cora Quarantina

Joanne Petit-Frère’s latest directorial work — a re-opening of [Braid.Cora Quarantina] — is a short, docu-film performance that chronicles the artist’s studio practice as well as her drag-queen-teaching-mascot- process stemming from hair & art production house, JoGoesWest. She performs as BraidCora Quarantina. Her latest collection of hair-braided sculptures created during quarantine highlights, a peek into her conceptual process.

Click on either of the images below to watch Braid.Cora Quarantina:

Braid.Cora Quarantina Braid.Cora Quarantina 2





Joanne Petit-Frère addresses the human body as a site of beauty and adornment. Drawing on various African Diaspora traditions, Old American Western movies, the photographs of Cindy Sherman, the history of Haiti, and a range of other sources, Petit-Frère makes films, drawings and labor-intensive tapestries and sculptures that involve weaving by hand sometimes with eight or more colors of synthetic hair. Many of Joanne Petit-Frère’s wall-works and sculpture are activated by performance. Petit-Frère enlists performance as a means by which to think about our bodies and those of the people around us. At a moment in which human touch and presence in society is increasingly charged, Petit-Frère’s artwork reveals human beauty and form, the power of identity, and the shifting currents of social dialogue.

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