August 10-September 3: Haiti in Harmony

On January 12, 2010 a terrible earthquake left Haiti in crumble and chaos. The earthquake has touched many lives and devastated every aspect of Haitian society. However The earthquake of 2010 did not destroy ravage the spirit and passion of the people of Haiti but but redefine it. Haiti did not implode but explode. Haitians have come to discover and redefine our slogan : “ L’Union Fait La Force”  “( In Unity there is Strength  and   ” With Many Hands the Burden is Lighter)”.

On August 10, at an open reception entitled  ” Haiti in Harmony ” a group of eclectic Haitian Artists are coming together at the Dominican Civic Cultural Center to reinforce, redefine and reflect a different image of Haiti and its people. Haiti in Harmony is a group exhibit that explore the dynamics, diversity, determination, resilience and tenacity of its people to rise above the rubbles.

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