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Rasin Lakay features Okai Fleurimont


Vibration & Frequency

Introduction to Vibration & Frequency:

“Allow me to reintroduce myself to you through meditation, music and movement.

I will share with you the many layers of my artistry. Drummer, vocalist, beat maker & community activist. We will start with a meditation followed by drumming and an exploration of past and latest songs from myself and my extended musical family.

I will be honored to have you join me and share your dance moves or just lend me your ears for an hour. Like this, share this, and lets heal together through rhythm and frequency.” – Okai Musik

Click on Okai’s image below to view the event:


Screenshot 2020-08-06 12.50.41

Okai Fleurimont is a vocalist/percussionist who embodies all the music of the African Diaspora. Brooklyn born with Haitian descent, Okai’s cultural background shaped him into being the full round artist he is today. He is Currently the lead singer and percussionist of Brown Rice Family who won “The Battle of the  Boroughs” in NYC in 2012. Okai is also co-founder of Strings N Skins who are currently finishing an album to be released in the fall. He is an active percussionist in New York always sharing his voice and energetic rhythms. Okai has had the pleasure of performing before audiences at Brooklyn Museum, the legendary African art auction exhibition at Sotheby’s,  Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and venues throughout the States.

Find out more about Okai’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Website


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Rasin Lakay features Daniel “Dadi” Beaubrun


Madanm Sa a

“MADANM SA A,” is my way of expressing the strength, the power of women… The core of all existence. Our native country Haiti is often portrayed as a woman with many scars, but I feel her strength, beauty, and power should be upfront. I hope you enjoy the song.” –Dadi Beaubrun


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 6.40.49 PM

Daniel “Dadi” Beaubrun is a composer, songwriter, producer, engineer and musician. His unique musical style blends traditional Haitian Vodou rhythms with rock, pop and blues which is known as Racine(roots) music. This distinct Racinesound is evident in the three albums written and co-produced by Daniel Beaubrunfor Boukman Eksperyans: “Vodou Adjae,”1992 Grammy Awards nominee for “World Music Album of the year”“Kalfou Danjere,” and “Libète Pran Pou Pran l”  Daniel has performed and collaborated with recognized artists. Today, Dadi is producing a number of talented young upcoming artists under his label Dadisound Productions while finishing his upcoming new album.

Find out more about Dadi’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud


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Rasin Lakay features Jaden Timoun


Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour of Jaden Timoun

Through Haitian storytelling with Darnelle and Wynnie, children and their families heard and saw original short stories in Haitian Creole, as experienced through Jaden Timoun. Sessions were interactive, calling on participants to engage their senses through song, movement, listening and watching stories come to life. Stories were also accompanied by brief English translations⁣. ⁣⁣

Click on the thumbnail below to play the video.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 16.01.27








Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour are educators based in Brooklyn, New York who share the love of creative storytelling and connecting children and their families to Haitian culture through their heritage language of Kreyòl Ayisyen. As co-founders of the Haitian Creole Language Immersion Program for children known as Jaden Timoun, Darnelle and Wynnie have created a space where families can have concrete hands on experience in song, movement, art and other activities. Their Krik?Krak! storytelling coupled with vivid colorful imagery bring original stories to life, while visually and physically engaging their audience. Darnelle and Wynnie have hosted several storytelling events including ones at the Wyckoff House Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

Find out more about Jaden Timoun by following these channels: Instagram | Facebook


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Rasin Lakay features Jeff Pierre


Rara Challenge

To take part in Jeff Pierre’s Rara Challenge, all participants needed to do was use Jeff’s Rara track and film themselves doing a solo of their choice. Participants were encouraged to have fun and be creative; they were also given free reign on the solo: drumming, dancing, singing, cooking, painting–the sky was the limit!To view the Rara Challenge (and challengers), look up #RaraChallenge and #HCXRASINLakay on social media.  You can find the track on our SoundCloud page: HaitiCulturalX⁣⁣.



Jeff Pierre was born and raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti, grew up in his mother’s traditional Haitian and dance company JAKA where he fell in love with the drums. He now travels the world sharing the beauty of Haitian culture.

When he plays music he feels more connected with the universe. It was this connection and curiosity that pushed him to explore and pursue the world of electronic music. Jeff’s goal is to elevate each other by creating beautiful and loving music to make the world a happier place to celebrate life.

Find out more about Jeff’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


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