Self-Love Letters for Healing

“In these videos, we will talk about emotional wellness and I will guide you on how to write yourself a letter to help you be more in tuned with your emotions. – Glenda Lezeau

The mini-series, Self-Love Letters for Healing, is inspired by Glenda Lezeau’s book, Letters to My Bipolar Self, where she wrote 50 loving letters to herself. She noticed how healing it was for her to write these letters and wanted others to experience the same.

She created this mini-series that guided participants into writing their own letters to themselves while incorporating self-love and self-compassion. By the end of the series, participants had written three letters to themselves on the following topics: mental wellness, physical wellness, and emotional wellness. More than ever, we need to look deep within ourselves to help in healing and coping with the challenges that we are facing.

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Letters to my bipolar self


Letters to My Bipolar Self is the book Glenda wrote and mentioned in this video. You can find it at


Glenda Lezeau was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 after having a mental breakdown that led to her hospitalization. Since then, she has felt it deep in her heart to share her story with hopes of empowering and educating others. With that in mind, she became a mental wellness advocate and started Rising from Bipolar. Rising from Bipolar is a platform featuring inspiring messages about mental health based on Glenda’s personal journey.

Glenda is a proud Haitian-American who loves konpa dancing. She is a musician and a Haitian Creole Language Educator.

Find out more about Glenda’s work  by following her channels: Instagram | Website