Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour of Jaden Timoun

Through Haitian storytelling with Darnelle and Wynnie, children and their families heard and saw original short stories in Haitian Creole, as experienced through Jaden Timoun. Sessions were interactive, calling on participants to engage their senses through song, movement, listening and watching stories come to life. Stories were also accompanied by brief English translations⁣. ⁣⁣

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Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour are educators based in Brooklyn, New York who share the love of creative storytelling and connecting children and their families to Haitian culture through their heritage language of Kreyòl Ayisyen. As co-founders of the Haitian Creole Language Immersion Program for children known as Jaden Timoun, Darnelle and Wynnie have created a space where families can have concrete hands on experience in song, movement, art and other activities. Their Krik?Krak! storytelling coupled with vivid colorful imagery bring original stories to life, while visually and physically engaging their audience. Darnelle and Wynnie have hosted several storytelling events including ones at the Wyckoff House Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

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