Rara Challenge

To take part in Jeff Pierre’s Rara Challenge, all participants needed to do was use Jeff’s Rara track and film themselves doing a solo of their choice. Participants were encouraged to have fun and be creative; they were also given free reign on the solo: drumming, dancing, singing, cooking, painting–the sky was the limit!To view the Rara Challenge (and challengers), look up #RaraChallenge and #HCXRASINLakay on social media.  You can find the track on our SoundCloud page: HaitiCulturalX⁣⁣.



Jeff Pierre was born and raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti, grew up in his mother’s traditional Haitian and dance company JAKA where he fell in love with the drums. He now travels the world sharing the beauty of Haitian culture.

When he plays music he feels more connected with the universe. It was this connection and curiosity that pushed him to explore and pursue the world of electronic music. Jeff’s goal is to elevate each other by creating beautiful and loving music to make the world a happier place to celebrate life.

Find out more about Jeff’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube