Vizyon Atistik

Program Description:

Vizyon Atistik Artist Residency is a new initiative that provides visual artists of Haitian descent an intimate space to showcase works or share integral aspects of their practice/works in progress for a duration of 6 weeks. Artists will be expected to facilitate public facing art making workshops and/or conversations with communities of their choice (Example: local residents, young kids, teens, adults, queer/non-binary identifying folx) and will receive assistance in developing and implementing workshops and talks with the Programs Associate. We encourage artists to view this opportunity as a way to receive feedback and/or generate conversation around an already existing body of work that they wish to expand or current works/projects in progress with the community.


Some questions to think about!

“How can artists use this opportunity of sharing their works and community engagement to strengthen their missions as creatives and cultural workers?”

“How can the community understand and view art as a tool to learn and shift their own perspectives of the spaces they occupy in the world?”


Benefits of Community Engagement:

  • Artist gains from the experience ways to strengthen work, continue and/or expand their projects.
  • Community gains from the experience having learned something new through artist’s research based work/documentation or facilitated dialogue.
  • Artist and community build connections and can stay in touch! <3


Who is encouraged to apply?

  • Visual artists whose work touches up on socio-economic-political topics
  • Visual artists who are currently active in their practice (this would be our way of supporting young/emerging + active and relevant artists) + (2D and 3D work, any medium)
  • Past Lakou NOU artists who wish to expand their already existing body of work
  • Visual artists whose work is researched based, documentation based and could utilize the HCX as a thinking + visual display space


What will HCX provide?

  • $500 Stipend
  • Space to display works/works in progress/research
  • Space to facilitate workshops/talks (moderator if needed)
  • Community/audience for engagement (we also encourage you to invite folx you know!)
  • Social media highlights (post/story)/blog post on website
  • Professional documentation for artist personal use whether for social media, website or future applications
  • Printed material
  • Possible opportunities for the works to travel beyond HCX’s space (connecting artists with curators and/or partners to expand their opportunities)


The Space

The HCX office space has two available large walls sized at [wall 1 dimensions] and [wall 2 dimensions]. This is suitable for 2-dimentional works.

The ceiling structure is also made durable for 3-dimentional works. It can hold up to [insert weight]. Podiums can also be requested.


Timeline/Duration (each artist gets at least 6 weeks within the space:

  • Autumn/Winter
    • Term 1: September 20 –October 29
    • Term 2: November 8 – December 17


Begin your application today!