Rasin Lakay features Pascale Faublas


“FANM is the title of my current series, which started in 2018.

This body of work questions the feminine condition, femininity and its attributes. My reflection feeds on symbols, experiences, clichés and prejudices, proverbs and sayings, representations, metaphors that I draw from the Christian judeo culture and from the universe of Haitian vodou.  Witch are entitled Freda, Manman Zanfan, Fanm pa Lavyèj, Eve, Fanm se Poto Mitan, or Miwa Fanm this series is a gallery of contemporary feminine spirits. She plays a universal woman, affirmative, subversive, subject of her destiny.

For the HCX Rasin Lakay 2021 Program, I will present works in progress, part of the mini series Miwa FANM as well as pieces of the series Fanm se Poto Mitan. I will share photos and short videos of my work process, images of different steps, different techniques I use for each of the series: painting on paper and canvas, sewing, collage fabric on canvas, collage paper, wax on paper. And, I will share images of the finished works.”

Click on any of the images below to watch Miwa FANM:

Pascale Faublas was born in Port au Prince, Pascale Faublas lives and works in Haiti. After three decades of a prolific artistic career, PASKAL asserts herself as a visual artist in the landscape of contemporary Haitian art; developing her own language, using mixed techniques acquired as an autodidact: collage of printed paper or fabric, ink and acrylic, batik, scraping, sewing, monotype, mixed media …while being based on the search for materials from its environment and on the principles of the art of recovery.

In a process that is both playful and poetic, inhabited by vodou culture, her works explores memory, myth and spirituality. Individual and collective history meet to highlight a political word and develop poetics of forms.

Paskal’s art has been shown both in Haiti (Galerie Jerome, Galerie Monnin, French Institute of Port au Prince, French Alliance in Jacmel, Centre d’Art, Musée du Pantheon National/MUPANAH, Kolektif 509…) and abroad (Paris, Nantes, Suresnes, Guadeloupe, Barcelona).

Find out more about Pascale’s work by following her channels: Facebook | Instagram


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