AnJu Hyppolite (Canarsie) is a Brooklyn-born, Queens-bred award-winning actor, writer, and educator who works at the intersection of theater arts, literacy advocacy, and social equity. AnJu facilitates workshops with youth and community members throughout New York City. She is most interested in a person’s multiplicities and inspires others to unearth their stories and speak their truths.  

AnJu has been hosting virtual participant-centric storytelling workshops for Haitian Canarsie residents, which explore the multiplicity of identity. AnJu facilitates the sessions using theater games, writing prompts, and more to explore our individual and collective identities. She is weaving these stories into a script that will be performed publicly at our culminating event in June. If you are interested in joining these workshops, please email


Calling CANARSIE community members!

Join AnJu Hyppolite in a collaborative, collective storytelling project that explores our individual and collective Haitian identities. Workshops that use theater games, writing prompts, and more will help us unearth our stories. The workshop will culminate in staged readings of the group’s collective work.You don’t have to be a performer or writer. You just have to have a desire to tell your story in English and/ or Kreyòl. If you’d like to participate please email