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Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings 

Written by Francie Latour and illustrated by Ken Daley  

A is for Ayiti  

Written by Ibi Zoboi and Illustrated by Joseph Zoboi 

Konpe Chen Ak Konpe Chat: Ala Mizè Dous

Written by Fedo Boyer and illustrated by Djena Chal 

Anacaona: Golden Flower 

Written by Edwidge Danticat  

Dis-moi des Chansons d’Haïti 

Written by Mimi Barthélémy 

Janjak and Freda Go to the Iron Market 

Written by Elizabeth Turnbull and illustrated by Mark Jones 

Running the Road to ABC 

Written by Denize Lauture and illustrated by Reynold Ruffins 

Anaelle ak La Sirèn  

Written by Riva Précil and illustrated by Rodney Sanon