What a year! 2020 has been challenging for all of us: from the COVID-19 pandemic—which hit our community particularly hard—to the pain of centuries-old racial injustice that prompted uprisings across the country, to the uncertainty of a vitally important election. 2020 has delivered one shocking moment after another.


Throughout all this, Haiti Cultural Exchange strived to be a resource, to chart new ways for our community to come together and heal, to celebrate Black culture, and to create opportunities for artists as their income streams disappeared. As the end of this tumultuous year approaches, we asked our artists to speak about what HCX means to them and we’ve been sharing their responses across our social media. Their powerful art uplifts us even on the most difficult days, and we are deeply grateful for the joy they bring to our lives.


We remain committed to art as a social justice tool and believe in its unique capacity to inspire change. However, the pandemic has diminished our ability to raise funds for this vital work. Government budget cuts and shifting priorities jeopardize our main funding sources. New opportunities continue to exclude small organizations—like ours—that serve communities of color. At this crossroads in history, we are asking you, our community, for help.


You can donate to our Facebook fundraiser, on our website, or by mail to Haiti Cultural Exchange c/o FiveMyles Gallery 558 St. Johns Place Brooklyn, NY 11238. Another fantastic way to support the organization is by becoming a recurring donor. Recurring donations are an especially effective way to support the organization, as they are a reliable funding source, and they allow you, the donor, to give to HCX in way that’s sustainable for you! Small amounts donated regularly add up to be very impactful. Just choose the frequency you’d like to give when donating on our website.


Your contribution will allow HCX to envision its digital and physical programming for our “new normal” world and provide direct support to the artists we serve, who in turn serve us all.  We are grateful for your support of our efforts to unite, heal, and forge a path forward. Together, we will get through these times!