Pyelila’s LANMOU series features plants and their love languages. “I’ve always imagined that plants have relationships amongst themselves. Whether it be amicable, romantic or familial. Each time I look at them, I always imagine how they must interact and how they decide to get along in order to survive if they were animated.

I created this illustration series to show how I see them in my mind. I’ve depicted them in various types of love.”

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“I started off with love of self. I was inspired by a beautiful orange tree in my backyard, that always gifts us the sweetest oranges. She always seems to take good care of herself no matter the circumstances, she always nourishes herself with her environment.”
“The second piece hones in on a comforting love, inspired by my Aloe Vera plant. It is the most resilient plant in our garden and offers the most healing benefits.” ⁣
“Ginger to me has always come off as strong spirited, softening when faced with a love accepting of its flaws and all its ups and downs, always bringing about its soft side in the end.”⁣
“A love that doesn’t require anything from the outside world. All of its might stems from being with one another. The Citronella plant gives me that vibration, each branch helps the other to stand tall, one protecting the other from their environment to keep them safe and strong.”⁣
“Senseveria (referred to as donkey’s ears in Haitian Creole) is one of the most resilient plants, to come across a dying one would mean the sun no longer rises. Likewise for the love of a mother, a love that will never cease to multiply its roots, that will never tarnish as long as there is life.”
“Oftentimes, we don’t realize that we’re toxic for someone, when that person starts to call us out on the walls we’ve put up, that’s when we come to realize how messed up we are. Even with good intentions, a bad apple is a bad apple. Often, it’s the stories we tell about our presence that are toxic. It’s always good that we realize this, so that we can do that person a big favor.This is my Aloe plant that’s always preventing the leaves of my Monstera plant from staying whole, it’s always tearing a leaf, or poking one. Eventually, I had to move the poor thing away from it.”


Pierre-Richard Raphael (Pyelila) is a young Haitian visual artist, specializing in Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design. Since his childhood, he had deep interests in Haitian folklore and fantasy. Which has always shaped his art into a tool used to tell every beautiful story Haiti has to tell. After his Art studies at Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) in Port-au-Prince, he embarked on a freelance career in visual art. This, has given him a form of freedom that he uses to delve into the illustration of many aspects of the Haitian heritage that need a voice.

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