HCX Film Fest


Haiti Cultural Exchange is pleased to share a curated list of recommended Haitian films and documentaries, most of which have been featured at Haiti Film Fest. #HCXFilmFest                Stones in the Sun (2014)  Patricia Benoit  iTunes  Amazon  I am not your negro (2016)  Raoul Peck  iTunes  Amazon  YouTube  Ayiti Mon Amour (2016)  […]

HCX RASIN Lakay | Announcing Open Call Artists


Our OPEN CALL opportunity #HCXRASINLAKAY launched this April 2020 in response to COVID-19, provides grants of $500 for a total of 15 artists of Haitian descent in NYC and Haiti to create and present new work to be shared via the HCX online platforms. We seek to support our artist community which has been greatly impacted by […]

Michèle Voltaire Marcelin |Grief works from home at all hours


May 1, 2020 We are so grateful to our dear friend, Michèle Voltaire Marcelin, for sharing a few of her works with us. Please read, listen, and share widely. Writer, poet, actor and visual artist Michèle Voltaire Marcelin authored a novel “La Désenchantée” translated to Spanish as “La Desencantada”, and 2 other books of poetry […]

HCX Book Club


Haiti Cultural Exchange is pleased to share this curated list of recommended books by Haitian authors. #HCXBOOKCLUB                     Roxane Gay – Bad Feminist    Laurent Dubois – The Haiti Reader    Ibi Zoboi – Pride   Gina Ulysse – Because When God Is Too Busy: Haiti, Me, and the World   Dany […]