Mesye, Dam, la Sosyete, Krik? Krak! – By Keylah Mellon, HCX Communications & Outreach Intern


The transmission of customs and beliefs is vital to the sustainability of a culture. Cultural activist Allenby Augustin, of Haiti based cultural organization Akoustik Prod, joined us for a week-long arts residency where he engaged a number of artists of the Haitian Diaspora and kids of our afterschool youth arts engagement program at PS 189 […]

Gyrating on the Hips of ‘Gede’ – by Manbo Dòwòti Désir


As we approach the tradition of Gede in Haiti, we reprint this article by Manbo Dòwòti Desir which originally appeared in the Haitian Times in 2013. Attend almost any Vodou ceremony and it is invariably interrupted by the Lwas of the Nasyon Gede. The month of November however puts us all in a Gede “state of mind” when these particular Lwa or […]

Transmission of Memory – by Keylah Mellon, HCX Communications & Outreach Intern


Haiti has a long history of forgetting. Or should I say erasing? Part of what it means to move forward, however, is to understand our past. HCX is highlighting a couple of institutions that have taken on the task of reminding the Haitian people of their past, the adversities they’ve triumphed over, and the consequences […]

Gina Athena Ulysse Makes the Case for Why Haiti Needs New Narratives – by Manolia Charlotin


On Saturday, September 19, as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted the formidable anthropologist and performance artist, Gina Athena Ulysse, to launch her book tour of the recently published Why Haiti Needs New Narratives: A Post-Quake Chronicle at the Brooklyn Public Library. The event was a homecoming of sorts. When she migrated […]