Rasin Lakay features Pyelila


Lanmou Pyelila’s LANMOU series features plants and their love languages. “I’ve always imagined that plants have relationships amongst themselves. Whether it be amicable, romantic or familial. Each time I look at them, I always imagine how they must interact and how they decide to get along in order to survive if they were animated. I […]

Rasin Lakay features Sabine Blaizin


Haiti Cuba Project What is the historical, sociopolitical, cultural, and artistic connection between Cuba and Haiti? Discover Cuba’s and Haiti’s past, present, and future through the lens of a group of contemporary Cuban/Haitian artists. The HCX community experienced their stories via an immersive audiovisual interpretation which included interviews, traditional dance, drum, and electronic music. These shared […]

Lakou NOU 2020 Exhibiting Artist


We are thrilled to announce that we are exhibiting Lakou NOU 2020 artist, Daveed Baptiste’s “Haiti To Hood”, produced in partnership with Photoville for their annual festival in New York City, 2020 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and participating in concurrent virtual programming. The largest photo festival in North America, the Photoville Festival is a modular venue built from repurposed […]

Rasin Lakay features Steven Baboun


Reimagining the Haitian Identity Steven Baboun & Yvena Despagne discuss Haitian identity— focusing on the Haitian queer experience and other unrepresented identities or marginzalied communities within Haitian society and the Haitian Diaspora (i.e. the Vodou community, Muslim community, and multi-cultural communities). Click on the image below to watch Steven Baboun’s Artist Talk on HCX Facebook Live: Steven […]