Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present, and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people.

Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) was founded in 2009 by seven Haitian women with the aim to create a permanent presence for Haitian Arts & Culture in our city.

Our programs in the arts, education and public affairs raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding within and beyond the Haitian community. Our activities deepen appreciation of the rich diversity of Haitian arts culture in New York City—one of the primary outposts of the Haitian diaspora—and provide opportunities for artists of Haitian descent to develop and present their work.

The Haitian Diaspora is the seventh largest immigrant group in New York City, with over 90,000 individuals residing in Brooklyn, yet the Haitian community surveyed by HCX often feels there is an exceeding lack of representation of Haitian arts and culture in this cultural capital. HCX is important “Because Haitian culture is the greatest story rarely told,” says one survey respondent. HCX seeks to be a primary, authentic resource for presenting the culture of Haiti and the Diaspora.