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Art in the Garden: Fall Sundays | Recap


123022220_10158566461291830_2717303459505903881_oThe Haitian Creole saying “fanm se poto mitan” expresses the idea that women are the pillar of any society. HCX Cultural arts programming through June 2021, will unpack the role of the feminine in Haitian and Diaspora settings, examining both traditional views, and ways in which these roles are being challenged and rethought in modern times. To kick off this season, during the months of October & November, we presented FANM d’Ayiti | honoring Haitian women as pillars of our society through live music, dance, and song.  

On Sunday, October 18th Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted Art in the Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden with performances by Alexandra Jean-Joseph & Sky Menesky of Imamou Lele where they presented traditional Haitian dance & drumming. The theme of their performance was in alignment with HCX’s current theme FANM, where they emulated women across cultures, classes, and various walks of life. Attendees lounged comfortably on the lawn during their presentation.  


Vocalist and flutist, Melanie Charles presented an homage to Haitian women musicians through the ages and was accompanied by guitarist, Eddy Bourjolly. Spectators sang along to familiar tunes throughout their beautiful performance.  


On Sunday, October 25th Sheila Anozier performed Songs of Ayiti: Haitian Folk and Vodou songs honoring the female deities accompanied by Tiga Jean Baptiste on Haitian drums. Fritz Bernardin closed out the day by performing his original compositions “Suite Folklorique Haitienne” & traditional Haitian Folk Songs on viola.  122967237_10158566515956830_5671312701656026657_o

It was a pleasure to present performances in the lovely fall setting of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a second year and as part of the first public programs since the pandemic. Being back in community with live Haitian music and dance felt so joyful, and we were truly fortunate to be able to curate artists whose presentations were developed for our year-long programmatic theme: FANM  123656752_10158585540556830_5261993006758460714_o

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HCX RASIN Lakay | Announcing Open Call for Artists to Create/Share Work


HCX_RASIN-FANM Logo_final_sm


We are proud to announce that we are offering another round of grants through our HCX RASIN LAKAY OPEN CALL for 10 artists of Haitian descent in NYC and Haiti to create and present new work to be shared via the HCX online platforms. Artists of all disciplines are invited to apply for a one-time grant of $500 to create and share original work. In 2021, we will select artist projects in alignment with our current theme “FANM”. Topics such as womanhood, gender/sexuality, environment, and generational leadership will guide curation and artist selection. Priority will be given to female, femme-identifying and queer artists.

We encourage imaginative use of social media to express yourselves and bring people together. Examples include but are not limited to: short films, photography, virtual workshops series (how to make X, dance with me, drum with me, paint with me, etc.), seminars, talks, live music performances, creative writing, spoken word, poetry, or performance art.

Haiti Cultural Exchange will accept short applications on a rolling basis until this funding is expended. If you would like to reach us, email is best: –  we look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity,
The HCX team

Download HCX FANM 2021 Application Form



Steven Baboun is an artist and photographer from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and based in New York City. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and a minor in Education Studies at American University in Washington, DC. He’s currently an MFA Photography student at Parsons School of Design with an anticipation degree completion date of August 2020.  Baboun creates through photography, installation, video, and performance art. His work explores diverse social issues within the Haitian community such as queerness, race and social class, politics, religion (namely Vodou and Catholicism), and multi-cultural identities. Baboun presents to the world the complexities of Haitian society and how Haiti is an incubator for innovation, creativity, and storytelling. His works have traveled to Haiti, New York City, Los Angeles, China, Miami, and South Korea.

Find out more about Steven’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Website
Watch Steven’s Artist Talk for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 6.40.49 PM

Daniel “Dadi” Beaubrun is a composer, songwriter, producer, engineer and musician. His unique musical style blends traditional Haitian Vodou rhythms with rock, pop and blues which is known as Racine(roots) music. This distinct Racinesound is evident in the three albums written and co-produced by Daniel Beaubrunfor Boukman Eksperyans: “Vodou Adjae,”1992 Grammy Awards nominee for “World Music Album of the year”“Kalfou Danjere,” and “Libète Pran Pou Pran l”  Daniel has performed and collaborated with recognized artists. Today, Dadi is producing a number of talented young upcoming artists under his label Dadisound Productions while finishing his upcoming new album.

Find out more about Dadi’s work by following his
channels: Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud
View Dadi’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Fritz Bernardin is a Haitian musician, composer and educator. Stage-named Benviola,  Fritz is recently featured in the award-winning documentary, Serenade for Haiti, and is currently completing his first album which blends historic Haitian rhythms, classical influences, and contemporary sounds to reflect the diversity of Haiti’s musical culture and identity. He is also a tenor section leader for  the Canterbury Choral Society in NYC.

Find out more about Fritz’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook
View Fritz’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Sabine Blaizin‘s work focuses on the exposure and pleasures of African diasporic music. Brooklyn Mecca, Cumbancha, and Oyasound are a few of her creative projects. Over the years, DJ Sabine’s mainstay and cultivation has been the monthly event Brooklyn Mecca which has been coined the home of “Grassroots Dance Culture”. Sabine worked for Ocha Records label as a Brand Marketing Director/Producer and Bembe NYC Party resident DJ. She was also the resident DJ for Subrosa’s signature monthly party Cumbancha featuring African inspired rhythms of House, Soul, Latin music and more. In 2018 Sabine was a resident DJ for Fania Records’ Fania Collective. Today, she curates a party at Le Bain NYC called Rekolte: A Night of Haitian Roots & House. She is also a resident DJ for House of Yes NYC and Onda Mundial Mexico.

Find out more about DJ Sabine’s work by following her channels: Instagram | Website
View Sabine’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Andre Eugene was born in downtown Port-au-Prince in 1959. He is a leading figure in the artists’ collective known as Atis Rezistans and a broader movement known as the Sculptors of Grand Rue. Eugène fused the fetish effigy with an apocalyptic MTV futuristic vision. Much of his work is figurative using human skulls for heads and imbued with a bold sense of irony, sexuality and humour. In 2006 Andre Eugène contributed to a large-scale collective sculptural work, which is a permanent exhibit at the International Museum of Slavery in Liverpool. His work has been shown at the Muesum of Ethnography, Geneva; at the Parc de la Villette, Paris; the Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles; Nottingham Contemporary, UK and at the Grand Palais, Paris. H

Find out more about Andre’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook


Okai Fleurimont is a vocalist/percussionist who embodies all the music of the African Diaspora. Brooklyn born with Haitian descent, Okai’s cultural background shaped him into being the full round artist he is today. He is Currently the lead singer and percussionist of Brown Rice Family who won “The Battle of the  Boroughs” in NYC in 2012. Okai is also co-founder of Strings N Skins who are currently finishing an album to be released in the fall. He is an active percussionist in New York always sharing his voice and energetic rhythms. Okai has had the pleasure of performing before audiences at Brooklyn Museum, the legendary African art auction exhibition at Sotheby’s,  Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and venues throughout the States.

Find out more about Okai’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Website
View Okai’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 6.40.34 PM

Rejin Leys is a mixed media artist and paper maker based in New York, whose work has been exhibited at such venues as Centro Cultural de España, Santo Domingo, DR; Kentler International Drawing Space, NY; Queens Museum, NY; and Les Ateliers J.R. Jerome, PaP, Haiti. Her work is in the collections of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Yale University, and Rutgers University Caribbean Studies Department, and she is a recipient of a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Find out more about Rejin’s work by following her channels: Instagram | Facebook | Website
View Rejin’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Richard Louissaint is a first-generation Haitian-American filmmaker and photographer from New York City. Growing up in Queens, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of the Caribbean diaspora but was primarily influenced by Haitian and African-American culture.  His work centers on people of color, especially those of Haitian descent, through portraiture, film and documentaries. His work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, and most recently at the Wyckoff House Museum. His films have screened at the Haiti Film Fest, New York Short Film Festival, and Newark International Film Festival. Richard also holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.

View Richard’s work here. Find out more about Richard’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | Website
View Richard’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Coralie Noisette With a mission to grow, and a lover of love, Coralie Noisette is a self-taught artist of Haitian descent, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, she decided to buy a one-way ticket to Haiti for a new chapter in her life that allowed her to connect with her Haitian roots. Since then, Haiti has enabled Coralie to further tap into her creative spirit though its rich culture, natural beauty, and mystic energy. As an artist and poet, she seeks to understand the connection between the spiritual and physical realms, with an underlying theme of self-exploration. Her painting style is inspired by optic art and color therapy, playing with the viewer’s vision and illustrating the intricate layers of what one would deem as “reality”. The original short poetic proses that Coralie writes, and which often accompany her artworks, are driven by her quest to make sense of some of life’s impenetrable questions. Through self-examination and confronting our shadows, we gain better awareness of who we are and our place in the world. Through her art, Coralie hopes to awaken the viewers’ eyes, minds and spirits to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Find out more about Coralie’s work by following her channels: Instagram | Facebook
View Coralie’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here



Joanne Petit-Frère addresses the human body as a site of beauty and adornment. Drawing on various African Diaspora traditions, Old American Western movies, the photographs of Cindy Sherman, the history of Haiti, and a range of other sources, Petit-Frère makes films, drawings and labor-intensive tapestries and sculptures that involve weaving by hand sometimes with eight or more colors of synthetic hair. Many of Joanne Petit-Frère’s wall-works and sculpture are activated by performance. Petit-Frère enlists performance as a means by which to think about our bodies and those of the people around us. At a moment in which human touch and presence in society is increasingly charged, Petit-Frère’s artwork reveals human beauty and form, the power of identity, and the shifting currents of social dialogue.

Find out more about Joanne’s work by following her channels: Instagram | Facebook
View Joanne’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Jeff Pierre was born and raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti, grew up in his mother’s traditional Haitian and dance company JAKA where he fell in love with the drums. He now travels the world sharing the beauty of Haitian culture.

When he plays music he feels more connected with the universe. It was this connection and curiosity that pushed him to explore and pursue the world of electronic music. Jeff’s goal is to elevate each other by creating beautiful and loving music to make the world a happier place to celebrate life.

Find out more about Jeff’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
View Jeff’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Darnelle Champagne and Wynnie Lamour are educators based in Brooklyn, New York who share the love of creative storytelling and connecting children and their families to Haitian culture through their heritage language of Kreyòl Ayisyen. As co-founders of the Haitian Creole Language Immersion Program for children known as Jaden Timoun, Darnelle and Wynnie have created a space where families can have concrete hands on experience in song, movement, art and other activities. Their Krik?Krak! storytelling coupled with vivid colorful imagery bring original stories to life, while visually and physically engaging their audience. Darnelle and Wynnie have hosted several storytelling events including ones at the Wyckoff House Museum in Brooklyn, New York.

Find out more about Jaden Timoun by following these channels: Instagram | Facebook
View Jaden Timoun for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Glenda Lezeau was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 after having a mental breakdown that led to her hospitalization. Since then, she has felt it deep in her heart to share her story with hopes of empowering and educating others. With that in mind, she became a mental wellness advocate and started Rising from Bipolar. Rising from Bipolar is a platform featuring inspiring messages about mental health based on Glenda’s personal journey.

Glenda is a proud Haitian-American who loves konpa dancing. She is a musician and a Haitian Creole Language Educator.

Find out more about Glenda’s work  by following her channels: Instagram | Website
View Glenda’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Pierre-Richard Raphael (Pyelila) is a young Haitian visual artist, specializing in Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design. Since his childhood, he had deep interests in Haitian folklore and fantasy. Which has always shaped his art into a tool used to tell every beautiful story Haiti has to tell. After his Art studies at Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) in Port-au-Prince, he embarked on a freelance career in visual art. This, has given him a form of freedom that he uses to delve into the illustration of many aspects of the Haitian heritage that need a voice.

Find out more about Pyelila by following his channels:
Instagram | Facebook
View Pyelila’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


Youry Vixamar is passionate about music. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, he began piano lessons at the age of 10. At 15 years old he learned to play the trumpet. In 2000 he began his musical studies at Haiti’s National school of Arts (ENARTS) he started drumming (tanbou) with the famous singer, composer and drummer Sanba Zao. His career began in 2002 with Sanba Zao in Djakata band. In 2003, he played in the choir of St. Jude (Meyotte), Brothers Posse, Fabienne Denis Ayizan and Tru Rasta . In 2007 he joined Paul Beaubrun’s band, Zing Eksperyans. Starting in 2011, he began a solo career in collaboration with DJs such as Gardy Girault, DJ Stuba, DZgot, Jeff Afrozila, Boddhi Satva, Dead Fresh Nunas onstage and more.

Find out more about Youry by following his channels:
Instagram | YouTube
View Youry’s work for HCX Rasin Lakay here


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Fèt RASIN |Recap


Live in NYC from Haiti for the first time Haiti X New York resident artist Youry Vixamar brought his traditional Haitian drumming to blend with DJ Sabine Blaizin’s unique Afrobeat/Haitian Roots/House sounds at ShapeShifter Lab on October 17th, 2019.

Guests enjoyed authentic Haitian fritay provided by Ida J & Co and danced the night away to Afrobeats accompanied by Youry’s live drumming with a surprise impromptu performance by the wonderful Haitian singer James Germain.

Click here to view photos. 





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Ayiti Experimental | Recap


Ayiti eXperimental

On Thursday, June 6th at Dumbo Loft, HCX and our gorgeous supporters launched our 10-year anniversary celebration with a supper club & afterparty. The event was hosted by Riva Précil with live performances by Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Melanie Charles and Haiti-based guitarist/singer BIC Tizon Difè. Award-winning author Ibi Zoboi offered reflections on the significance of this historic landmark for the organization. DJ Jephté Guillaume played Haitian Afro Tech that kept us on our feet late into the evening evening’s afterparty.

Special thanks to our caterers, the iconic GrandChamps and bar sponsor Clairin The Spirit Of Haiti, who brought some delicious rhum cocktails and tastings from their collection.

Click here to view photos.





Kafou Mizik

On Saturday, June 8th at Shapeshifter Lab, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted an evening of live musical performances spanning generations and genres followed by a conversation with these renowned artists. Performers included Talie, BIC Tizon Difè, & Wooly Saint Louis Jean with a discussion curated by Lakou Nou artist Jonathan Michel.

Click here to view photos.



Banm On Ti Limyé

On Sunday, June 9th at Rogers/Tilden/Veronica Place Garden Haiti Cultural Exchange presented Haiti-based artist Wooly Saint Louis Jean who joined us for a special posthumous tribute to Manno Charlemagne, a Haitian political folk singer, songwriter, guitarist and political activist. Guests artists included Haiti based singer/songwriter BIC Tizon Dife, Talie, and Bohio Music.

Click here to view photos.



Bat Tanbou

On Saturday, June 15th at 3pm, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted Bat Tanbou, a Drumming Circle & Performance at Hillel Plaza. Passersby joined for an afternoon of traditional Haitian drumming in the heart of Little Haiti BK featuring Okai Fleurimont and friends!

Click here to view photos.




On Thursday, June 13th at FiveMyles Gallery, at 4pm Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted an Open Gallery Conversations & Libations with visual artist, Pascale Monnin.  Monnin took over the HCX space to create FLASH, an installation of paintings, sculptures and curiosities. Works were available for sale, a portion of proceeds benefiting HCX.

Click here to view photos.


On Sunday, June 16th  the installation of works by Pascale Monnin, FLASH, continued at FiveMyles Gallery, which featured a discussion led by vidual artist Vladimir Cybil Charlier.

Click here to view photos.



Haiti Film Fest Pop Up

On Sunday, June 23rd at Westbrook Memorial Garden at 6pm Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted a Haiti Film Fest Pop Up featuring Film Screenings & Ann Pale. The event was held in partnership with Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, featuring experimental shorts & a feature length film. Attendees enjoyed film screenings in the garden, popcorn and beer!

Click here to view photos.



Pop up Shop

On Thursday, June 20th & Friday, June 21st at Byas & Leon at 6pm, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted a Boutik and Pop Up Shop . Shoppers enjoyed small bites prepared by Lakou NOU artist Chef Day while they shopped ethical and sustainable apparel from Byas & Leon, candles made from all natural Haitian vetiver from Vetiver Les Cayes, and home décor items crafted by Haitian artisans from Bien Abyé.

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 9.01.45 PM


1804 Dance Performance

On Friday, June 28th at FiveMyles Galleryat 6pm, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted “1804,” a Dance Performance & Ann Pale featuring Haitian dancer and choreographer Jean-Aurel Maurice.Mauriceperformed the world premiere of his work 1804 exploring the events leading up to Haiti’s independence and held a discussion about the creation of this piece, and his work in Haiti, with Riva Précil.

Click here to view photos.



Master Class

On Saturday, June 29th at Gibney Dance at 1pm, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted a Master Haitian Contemporary Dance Class taught by Jean-Aurel Maurice with live drumming accompaniment. Participants learned various traditional rhythms and dances as well as accompanying songs.

Click here to view photos.


Ayiti eXperimental Dance Performance & Ann Pale curated by André Zachery

On Sunday, June 30th at Westbrook Memorial Garden at 3pm, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted a Dance Performance & Ann Pale curated by André Zachery featuring André Zachery, Tara Nicolas, Nubian Nene, & Jean Sebastien with live soundscape by Val Jeanty.

Click here to view photos.



The Ayiti eXperimenal Closing Night party was held at Westbrook Memorial Garden on Sunday, June 30that 5pm featuring Val Jeanty & Brother High Rara Band. Guests enjoyed an array of seasonal fruits curated by Lakou Nou artist Chef Day along with cocktails made with Clairin The Spirit Of Haiti.

Click here to view photos.


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