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Lakou NOU 2020 Exhibiting Artist


We are thrilled to announce that we are exhibiting Lakou NOU 2020 artist, Daveed Baptiste’s “Haiti To Hood”, produced in partnership with Photoville for their annual festival in New York City, 2020 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and participating in concurrent virtual programming.

The largest photo festival in North America, the Photoville Festival is a modular venue built from repurposed shipping containers. By creating a physical platform for photographers of all stripes to come together and interact, Photoville provides a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse audience — a veritable cross-section of the world’s photographic community.

This year, the Photoville Festival has adapted to follow COVID-19 safety measures. Rather than drawing thousands of people to a concentrated area over 6 days–as in past years– this year’s installations will be spaced throughout the entirety of Brooklyn Bridge Park, and viewers are invited to view the installations over the course of several months.

Learn more about the Photoville Festival here: or follow them on social media @photoville and #photoville.

Daveed_Photo-1Daveed Baptiste, Hood Dandy, From the series “Haiti to Hood.


Concurrent Virtual Programming for Photoville 2020

Concurrent with Daveed’s exhibition:

HCX invites viewers to use Daveed’s images as inspiration for original poetry, spoken word, or short stories about the experience of having “an identity that falls on a blurry line, being a diaspora child straddling two cultures.” We invite you to jump inside the head of the people in the images, use the sets Daveed created as gateways into your stories, and/ or let the combined impact of the images make your words flow. Please email your finished works (up to 500 words) to for a chance to have your words featured on our website and social media.

Sept 26 Panel discussion: Inspired Live At Photoville:

Education Day: Photoville Meet the Artists –Date not confirmed, it will be a Tuesday in October

Group sign up:

Individual sign up:

Photoville Virtual Educator Lab – Saturday October 24, 11AM – 2:30PM  Daveed will present a 20-minute artist talk to an audience of educators. This is followed by a breakout session where he will collaborate with a small group of educators to develop a lesson plan inspired by his exhibition. Educators can sign up here:

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Rasin Lakay features Steven Baboun


Reimagining the Haitian Identity

Steven Baboun & Yvena Despagne discuss Haitian identity— focusing on the Haitian queer experience and other unrepresented identities or marginzalied communities within Haitian society and the Haitian Diaspora (i.e. the Vodou community, Muslim community, and multi-cultural communities).

Click on the image below to watch Steven Baboun’s Artist Talk on HCX Facebook Live:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.58.07 PM

Steven Baboun is an artist and photographer from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and based in New York City. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and a minor in Education Studies at American University in Washington, DC. He’s currently an MFA Photography student at Parsons School of Design with an anticipation degree completion date of August 2020.  Baboun creates through photography, installation, video, and performance art. His work explores diverse social issues within the Haitian community such as queerness, race and social class, politics, religion (namely Vodou and Catholicism), and multi-cultural identities. Baboun presents to the world the complexities of Haitian society and how Haiti is an incubator for innovation, creativity, and storytelling. His works have traveled to Haiti, New York City, Los Angeles, China, Miami, and South Korea.

Find out more about Steven’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Website


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Rasin Lakay features Richard Louissaint


An Emotional Quarantine:

A Self Portrait Series

“This project, like many that have come out of this forced isolation, is a form of self-care. From late March to the present, this has been a way to photograph, a form of expression that has essentially been taken away from me once Stay-at-Home orders were put into place.” – Richard Louissaint

View the 7-series project on Richard’s website.

Richard Louissaint is a first-generation Haitian-American filmmaker and photographer from New York City. Growing up in Queens, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of the Caribbean diaspora but was primarily influenced by Haitian and African-American culture.  His work centers on people of color, especially those of Haitian descent, through portraiture, film and documentaries. His work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, and most recently at the Wyckoff House Museum. His films have screened at the Haiti Film Fest, New York Short Film Festival, and Newark International Film Festival. Richard also holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.

Find out more about Richard’s work by following his channels: Instagram | Facebook | Website


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Pa Bliye Toto Bissainthe by Talie Cerin | Diaspora NOW


On February 7th 2020 at ShapeShifter Lab, Haiti Cultural Exchange put together a night that truly embodied the versatility that was Toto Bissainthe. Toto was an actress, a storyteller, a singer, an activist, the list goes on. It was only fitting to honor such a multifaceted artist with a multimedia presentation.  

Shapeshifter Lab was covered in photos archiving the journey of Toto’s artistry in film, in theater, in music. There were also audio stages where attendees could listen to Toto’s words and voice once again. The night was completed with a concert consisting of three singers and an incredible house band (Matsura Hiroyuki, Frédéric Las Fargeas, and Markus Schwartz) directed by Monvelyno Alexis, presenting new arrangements of Toto’s beloved discography. 

I was excited for the challenge to innovate, which is something I have long admired Toto for. Her avant-garde approach to performance is why Haitian artists of all mediums consider her an icon. Nathalie Joachim, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for an album that honored so much of Toto’s work, brought her unique blend of electronic music, flute, and voice to her chosen selections; an unexpected and moving combination.

It comes as no surprise that Riva Précil, a traditional Vodou singer whose music is already bringing new and interesting jazz and soulful arrangements to Vodou tunes, truly shined presenting the songs from Toto’s repertoire that are dear to her. I, as a longtime admirer of Toto’s work, interpreted three selections, one of which I knew because I grew up listening to my mother singing it. It was such a pleasure to honor both Toto and my mother that night. 


“An n ale, vaksin ap e gwonde. An n ale” Toto’s voice still rings in my head singing this refrain. This recurring hook underscored the short documentary that opened the night honoring the late legend. An n ale is a call to action, and I received it that night as a call to receive and a call to remember. And remember, we did. 

-Written by Talie Cérin
Haiti Cultural Exchange presented Pa Bliye | Toto Bissainthe, a multi-media exhibition and concert benefiting Haiti Cultural Exchange, in partnership with Fondation Haiti Jazz.

To view more photos from this event click here

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