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Haiti Cultural Exchange in collaboration with Diaspora Community Services presents Solidarity With Migrants

Journaling for Remembering your Honorable Ancestors with Linda Duverne

Feeling the need to meditate and journal about your relationship with your ancestor(s)whether you knew them or not? What would you say to them if they were in front of you?What do you wish to learn from them? Our time together will remind us that remembering where we came from is essential to remembering who we are.

Jounal pou Sonje Zansèt Onorab ou yo ak Linda Duverne

Ou santi ou bezwen medite ak ekri sou relasyon ou ak zansèt ou (yo) si ou te konnen yo oswa ou pat konnen yo? Kisa ou ta di yo si yo te devan ou? Ki sa ou vle aprann nan men yo? Tan nou ansanm ap raple nou ke sonje kote nou soti se esansyèl pou sonje ki moun nou ye.

-MetroCard’s can be provided through Diaspora Community Services

-Light Refreshments will be served

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