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See the Vizyon Atistik exhibition entitled Haiti-Louisiana: Tides of Freedom throughout the month of June.

The exhibition “Haiti – Louisiana: Tides of Freedom,” presented in French and English, embarks on a captivating journey through history, bringing to the forefront the intertwined narratives of Haiti and Louisiana. It serves as a significant commemoration of Haiti’s 220th anniversary of independence (January 1804 – January 2024), marking its debut in New Orleans, Louisiana, in partnership with the Nous Foundation and the Historic BK House & Gardens. This groundbreaking exhibition delves deep into the shared historical heritage of these regions, with a particular focus on their relentless struggles for freedom and human rights. Through a diverse array of artworks, it seeks to honor the legacy of Haiti’s independence and illuminate its profound influence, notably through the 1811 slave revolt in Louisiana. By weaving together themes of freedom, resilience, and identity, “Haiti – Louisiana: Tides of Freedom” encourages visitors to partake in a broader discourse on the intertwined legacies of resistance and the ongoing battle for equality and justice. This exhibition is curated by Max Jean-Louis and features Harry Abilhomme, Patritia Brintle, Alyn Defay, Peter Nakhid, and Nick-Edward Woolley.


Gallery Hours
Thursday – Sunday: 1 – 6pm

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