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Join us at HCX’s home-base, FiveMyles Gallery, to experience the debut of Wooly Saint-Louis Jean & KreyòlDjaz!

August 16th
FiveMyles Gallery, 558 St Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238


Singer/Guitarist Wooly Saint-Louis Jean “Le Chanteur Des Poètes” is a beloved curator of both songs and poems from Haiti’s vast reservoir of literary traditions, with a warm and engaging stage presence, a deep sonorous voice and a unique ability to bring written verse to life through song.
Bassist Bobby Raymond is a journeyman musician who continues to perform and record with a veritable “who’s-who” of Haiti’s finest musicians. Bobby’s ability to play in any style, his facility on both electric and acoustic basses, and his supportive and intuitive musical gifts are admired throughout the Haitian music community and beyond.
Reed player, composer, and ethnomusicologist Paul Austerlitz combines his background as an ethnomusicologist specializing in Afro-Caribbean music with his creative work as a jazz musician. Paul weds his backgrounds in jazz and ethnomusicology, producing works that incorporate the musics that he researches. He has been especially active in blending Latin and Caribbean music from the Dominican Republic and elsewhere with free forms of jazz.
Markus Schwartz is a Grammy-nominated percussionist, recording artist & educator, specializing in the traditional drum music of Haiti. As a life-long student of Vodou drumming, Markus has deep roots in the Haitian music community, and is a sought-after collaborator across musical genres, bringing his informed approach to Haitian percussion to a wide array of projects and performances.
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