Veroneque Ignace

In November 2019, we offered KONSOLE. One year later, November 2020, we offered NA VIV / We’ll Live. In both dance films, it is clear that the image of a black woman, with a full spectrum of emotion, power, vulnerability, and direction is front and center. This, in many ways, complicates and sits contrary to the various tropes of black women that are often perpetuated in digital media. In this new work, ASE / enough?, we explore exactly this – how through the basic human experience of grief we can come to understand that black women can, in fact, exist as a people first, before, after, and all the while being bent to meet the demands of patriarchy, racisms, classism, pigmentocracy, and sexualization to say the least. We hope that this offering serves as a call to action for its viewers, such that we can move from just a reflection of what is shown to something that manifests more tangibly in ourselves and in our community.]

Veroneque Ignace is a curating performance artist, cultural activist, and community-based public health researcher who uses ethnographic tools, performance work, research, and public health understanding of program planning and evaluation to facilitate growth, racial equity policies, an orientation toward socio-political community development at non-profits, grassroots groups, large arts institutions. Ignace is dedicated to achieving her long term goal to seamlessly combine her passion for Haiti, people, and dance in such a way that allows for large-scale healing.

The Flatbush, Brooklyn native often uses dance and writing to merge her passion for public health and global health. With her movement she hopes to complicate methods to social change and health equity, connecting spiritual balance and self-understanding to modes of recovery and restoration. She says, “my movement codifies a history and language which I have inherited. In Haiti dance and music become the guardians of tradition. Everywhere though, dance and music, together are expressions and I need them to communicate.”

In 2016, Ignace founded Kriyol Dance! Collective, a collective of artist-leaders, to incite the unapologetic voices of Black arts, and Haitian culture in particular, through collaborative and unified work and intervention. In 2018, she began actively building an archive for Lakou Societe St. Michel Archange. She is an alum of SUNY Downstate School of Public Health.

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