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“Migration” by Madjeen Isaac


“Migration” by Madjeen Isaac

“Migration” is a community mural by Haitian American artist Madjeen Isaac. The design visualizes the journey of immigrant residents to the Flatbush neighborhood and the ways in which they carry the legacy of their ancestors.

This beautiful mural was commissioned by Haiti Cultural Exchange with support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and Council Member Farah Louis, and in partnership with the Department of Transportation’s Art Program (DOT Art) and Little Haiti BK.

Watch the HCX video on the making of “Migration” by clicking on the image below:

Mural 4Mural 5See more work-in-progress photos here. Photos by Richard Louissaint.Mural 2

Watch Lakou NOU artist Madjeen Isaac tell us about her experience beautifying this Flatbush mural highlighting the migration experience here.











Madjeen Isaac specializes in oil painting, as she focuses on creating images based on her Haitian American culture. Growing up in a neighborhood where it is predominantly Caribbean immigrants, Isaac allowed her process to give her a sense of purpose from the memories and cultures that have shaped her. She says, “Flatbush is where I have lived most of my life. Flatbush is a place that emits culture and hustle. Overtime, I have developed a concern for immigrant youth and children of immigrants, becoming “Americanized” or assimilated out of fear, without reflecting back on the culture of their ancestors”. Her works are based on celebrating one’s existence and differences while showing patronage to the Haitian culture. Madjeen currently attends the Fashion Institute of Technology, and is expected to receive her BFA in Fine Art, May 2018.

Her focus as Lakou NOU artist-in-residence working in  Flatbush was to expand her work by focusing primarily on Haitian youth. She facilitated art making workshops with a core group, guiding them to weave in the parts of their culture that are not so obviously relatable nor taught at school. These workshops covered topics as such, “ how will the youth go about exploring their culture and forming their own identities? ” and “ how can art making be a catalyst in forming narratives about the Flatbush community in the perspective of the youth?”


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Lakou NOU 2020 Exhibiting Artist


We are thrilled to announce that we are exhibiting Lakou NOU 2020 artist, Daveed Baptiste’s “Haiti To Hood”, produced in partnership with Photoville for their annual festival in New York City, 2020 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and participating in concurrent virtual programming.

The largest photo festival in North America, the Photoville Festival is a modular venue built from repurposed shipping containers. By creating a physical platform for photographers of all stripes to come together and interact, Photoville provides a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse audience — a veritable cross-section of the world’s photographic community.

This year, the Photoville Festival has adapted to follow COVID-19 safety measures. Rather than drawing thousands of people to a concentrated area over 6 days–as in past years– this year’s installations will be spaced throughout the entirety of Brooklyn Bridge Park, and viewers are invited to view the installations over the course of several months.

Learn more about the Photoville Festival here: or follow them on social media @photoville and #photoville.

Daveed_Photo-1Daveed Baptiste, Hood Dandy, From the series “Haiti to Hood.


Concurrent Virtual Programming for Photoville 2020

Concurrent with Daveed’s exhibition:

HCX invites viewers to use Daveed’s images as inspiration for original poetry, spoken word, or short stories about the experience of having “an identity that falls on a blurry line, being a diaspora child straddling two cultures.” We invite you to jump inside the head of the people in the images, use the sets Daveed created as gateways into your stories, and/ or let the combined impact of the images make your words flow. Please email your finished works (up to 500 words) to for a chance to have your words featured on our website and social media.

Sept 26 Panel discussion: Inspired Live At Photoville:

Education Day: Photoville Meet the Artists –Date not confirmed, it will be a Tuesday in October

Group sign up:

Individual sign up:

Photoville Virtual Educator Lab – Saturday October 24, 11AM – 2:30PM  Daveed will present a 20-minute artist talk to an audience of educators. This is followed by a breakout session where he will collaborate with a small group of educators to develop a lesson plan inspired by his exhibition. Educators can sign up here:

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2020 Lakou NOU | AnJu Hyppolite



AnJu Hyppolite (Canarsie) is a Brooklyn-born, Queens-bred award-winning actor, writer, and educator who works at the intersection of theater arts, literacy advocacy, and social equity. AnJu facilitates workshops with youth and community members throughout New York City. She is most interested in a person’s multiplicities and inspires others to unearth their stories and speak their truths.  

AnJu has been hosting virtual participant-centric storytelling workshops for Haitian Canarsie residents, which explore the multiplicity of identity. AnJu facilitates the sessions using theater games, writing prompts, and more to explore our individual and collective identities. She is weaving these stories into a script that will be performed publicly at our culminating event in June. If you are interested in joining these workshops, please email


Calling CANARSIE community members!

Join AnJu Hyppolite in a collaborative, collective storytelling project that explores our individual and collective Haitian identities. Workshops that use theater games, writing prompts, and more will help us unearth our stories. The workshop will culminate in staged readings of the group’s collective work.You don’t have to be a performer or writer. You just have to have a desire to tell your story in English and/ or Kreyòl. If you’d like to participate please email

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2020 Lakou NOU | Guerdley Cajus



Guerdley Cajus (Crown Heights) is a creative spirit with Haitian roots from Cambridge, MA. Inspired by the divinity of dance, she enjoys using performance art and creative writing as a medium for healing and emotional exploration. Raised on the sounds of Haitian Kompa music and 90’s R&B, Guerdley organically developed an understanding of the great role body language played in expressing untold stories. Guerdley studied Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Journalism at Pace University. After graduation, she worked as a Freelance Journalist, and now fuses her passions for storytelling and movement. 

Guerdley is a co-founder, choreographer and dancer for Queen Moves, a dance empowerment collective for self-identifying Queens. She is also a Doula IT and taking great interest in the parallels of birth work and creative expression and the ways in which they take space in the feminine form. For the past 7 years she has been a Master Teaching Artist and Dance Educator Mentor within the New York City public school system. 

Guerdley is collaborating with non-profit Famn Saj to create an online movement class that confronts the ongoing erasure of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices by placing a lens on the untold stories of Haitian people. In these workshops, individuals’ stories will inspire movement that reclaims power and facilitates healing. Participation is open to anyone who stands in resistance to BIPOC erasure. Movement classes are online and open-level. To participate, please register at

Guerdley spent the “Listening Phase” of her project interviewing 13 women about their Haitian identity and experiences of cultural erasure. She opened each conversation with the question, “When did you learn about the Haitian Revolution?” Guerdley then built the structure of her workshops around the experiences described in these interviews.

This spring, Guerdley will work with professional dancers and some of her workshop participants to create a dance video inspired by her participants’ stories, which claim space, counter erasure, and promote healing from trauma. She is collaborating with Haitian artists such as Steven Baboun and Jonathan-Dexter Albert to create a dance visual that celebrates the resilient and divine feminine energy of Haitian women. Guerdley is currently inviting Haitian dancers who would like to be featured in this visual to reach out to her


Calling CROWN HEIGHTS community members!

Guerdley Cajus is looking for community members who would like to participate in a dance class that confronts the ongoing erasure of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices by placing a lens on the untold stories of Haitian people. Movement classes are online and open-level. If you would like to participate in the dance classes or offer your story as a muse, please visit

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