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Haiti Film Fest is presenting the diversity, depth and vibrant spirit of the Haitian people through contemporary cinema.

About this event

In 2022, Haiti Cultural Exchange produces the 5th Biennial Haiti Film Fest in collaboration with Les Lumières du Sud.


Friday, June 24 – Sunday, June 26

The Flea Theater (The Sam) | 20 Thomas St, New York, NY 10007

Screenings will be followed by discussions with filmmakers, industry professionals and scholars.

$10 suggested donation for film screenings. RSVP REQUIRED.

See full schedule by clicking on this : Haiti Film Fest 2022 Schedule

**Doors Open at 5:00pm| Screenings begin promptly at 6:00pm


Dyaspora. Haitians Abroad: Exploring Language and Identity| Documentary| 39 Minutes | 6:00pm

Directors: Emmanuella Aristil, Nancy Fenelon

This short documentary Dyaspora. Haitians Abroad: Exploring Language and Identity, is looking into the subject of identity, language and duality within the Haitian American community. Through personal perspectives within the NYC diaspora, the directors seek to broaden the discussion and gain insight to this very question.

The Rain and The River | Short Film| 31 Minutes | 6:45pm

Director: Jean Lodescar Jr.

In the short film, The Rain And The River, an overly passive man (Alexander) who yearns to live life and find love must first battle his self-doubt and overbearing mother (Marie). Alexander grapples with barriers placed on him in his life and contemplates adversity. Underneath it all is strength and courage rooted in his ancestors…a strength he didn’t know he had.

Kay La Mande Wouze | Documentary | 8 Minutes | 7:15pm

Director: Jessica St. Vil Ulysse

When we as the Diaspora look at our motherland, we look at this ongoing narrative of civil unrest, in-justice, and in-equality and then we take a look at our lives here in the U.S. and realize we are battling some of those same issues; What are to do? The Film explore through movement where we as POC can draw from the strengthen our efforts to the idea of confronting these discriminations? How do we begin to spark change within ourselves and within our communities? Kay la Mande Wouze? There is a need of change. There is a need for a revolution. What role will YOU play in it?

Elena| Documentary | 30 Minutes | 7:30pm

Director : Michèle Stephenson

Spanish and Haitian Creole with w/ English Subtitles

In 1937, tens of thousands of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent were exterminated by the Dominican army, on the basis of anti-black racism. Fast-forward to 2013, the Dominican Republic’s Supreme Court stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, retroactive to 1929, rendering more than 200,000 people stateless.

Post-Film Screening Q & A with Directors


Haiti Film Fest : SPOTLIGHT ON HAITI with Rachelle Salnave & Marc Henry Valmond

Films are in Haitian Creole w/ English Subtitles

Men nan Men| Documentary | 15 Minutes | 8:00 pm

Director: Wilson Edmond

Inspired by the hit TV show “Orange is the New Black,” a young woman from Haiti galvanizes her friends to teach female prisoners Arts and crafts activities with the intentions of bringing them hope. Through the solidarity of her community, Men Nan Men is a documentary that follows Estella’s experiences working with women in the prison system and gives voice to this forgotten population.

The Vocation| Documentary | 8 Minutes| 8:20 pm

Director : Estaïlove St-Val

Bertho, a 34-year-old young man runs an arts and culture organization in Pétion-Ville, Haiti in the hopes of creating change in his neighborhood and keeping the youth out of the streets.

Eskwad | Documentary| 12 Minutes|8:40 pm

Director : Keziah Jean

Weeks after the Earthquake, Eskwad captures a small grassroots organization in Haiti at the center of authentic community development. Eskwad captures Haitians using unity as their key ingredient in cultivating sustainability in the agro-industry.

Madame Pipi | USA, LABADIE-HAITI | Documentary | 9:00 pm

Director : Rachelle Salnave

Madame Pipi follows the personal journeys of female Haitian bathroom attendants in Miami’s hottest nightclubs and their support to Haiti through their tips.

Post-Film Screening Q&A with Directors

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