On November 2nd, 2023 HCX held it’s first Mizik Ayiti! First Thursdays event featuring the legendary; FOULA!

This incarnation of the band featured 3 original Foula members: Gaston (Bonga) Jean-Baptiste (tanbou/percussion/vocals) Jean-Raymond Giglio aka Sanba Kebyesou (tanbou/percussion/vocals) Yves (Chico) Boyer (bass/percussion/vocals). Along with two long-time collaborators and perennial Foula disciples; Paul Austerlitz (sax/clarinet/flute), and Markus Schwartz (drumkit/tanbou/ percussion).

This performance of Foula’s music was dedicated to the great composer and musicologist Wilfred “Tido” Lavaud, who “crossed over” in 2020, as well as to Foula member Thurgot Theodat, currently residing in France.

View the photos from this event by Marlene Moise over on the HCX Facebook Page »