On February 8th, Haiti Cultural Exchange hosted the opening of our February Vizyon Atistik artist Harry Abilhomme’s exhibition “Lwa Pran’ M”.

The event featured an An n Pale with Harry and guests getting to absorb and celebrate Harry’s art.

The exhibition “Lwa pran’ m” presents itself as a celebration of spirituality, history, and Haitian life, reinterpreted through a fascinating universe, populated by objects, men, and emotions.

For more than 7 years, Harry Abilhomme, a self-taught and intuitive artist, has left his mark on the art world with daring creations evoking skin-deep sensitivity. Based in Port-au-Prince, New York, and Montreal, he explores the frontiers of contemporary painting using acrylic and mixed techniques, thus offering a unique perspective mixing tradition and innovation.

The exhibition is up until Friday, March 1st, 2024. See our Events page for details.

Photos by Steven Baboun. View the full album on Facebook »