On Thursday, January 18th we held our third Haiti X NY event with Jérôme Siméon, aka Junior Racine Mapou.

Tanbou Vivan (The Drum Is Alive!) featured a drum performance with Junior Racine Mapou, along with Markus Schwartz & invited guests Jean-Raymond Giglio (Sanba Kebyesou), Jean Mary Brignol, Sanba Zao (Louis Lesly Marcelin). Junior Racine Mapou recollected on his 25-year career as drummer/drum-maker with Azor and Racine Mapou d’Haiti.

Attendees got a glimpse into the world of drum-making and saw rare, curated drum content from Markus Schwartz’s personal archives, representing his more than 30 years of research & participation in Haitian drumming traditions, including photos, audio, and video recordings.

Photos by Marleen Moise. See the full photo album on Facebook »