Dayana Joseph (Crown Heights) known as Chef Day, is a French and Italian gourmet cuisine trained Chef from Haiti. Trained under the direct mentorship and tutelage of Michelin Star Chefs experienced in Fine dining and fast casual dining; nutrition and Culinary instruction. Her insatiable curiosity and passion for sustainably and seasonally sourced produce and protein allows her to blend fresh and bold ingredients with tactful culinary techniques to create nutritious, flavorful and artfully plated dishes with flavor profiles often inspired by her Caribbean roots.

In an effort to continue learning about the impacts of home cooked meals in Haitian households, and increase our community’s understanding of Haitian cuisine as a whole, Chef Day will use her residency to explore the eating habits of Crown Heights-based Haitian women and their families. Specifically, Chef Day will delve into understanding how these Haitian families are impacted by environmental factors such as lack of healthful food resources or financial barriers, and understand how dining practices have changed (or remained the same) as that of a traditionally Haitian household. 

Chef Day will publish The Mommas, a cookbook collecting transcribed interviews and recipes featuring her interview subjects. This digitally, and later hardcopy book will be sold, a portion of proceeds will be gifted to the mothers featured in the cookbook. 

The Mommas interviews will take place between July through Septmeber. If you are interested in participating in The Mommas project, would like to offer resources related to food sustainability, or volunteer, please contact Chef Day at chefday [at] 

Chef Day Recipes