Lalin St. Juste is a Haitian-American singer/songwriter, producer, and co-founder of arthouse label 7000COILS. Commonly described as “hypnotizing” when she performs, Lalin’s music includes exploration of identity, the power of rewriting narratives, and the nuances of intimacy in our relationships. Possessing a firm belief that the personal is political, Lalin is inspired by her Haitian lineage and the African diasporic experience.

East Flatbush community members: Lalin St. Juste’s Lakou NOU residency will foster a multi-faceted sonic exploration of language and identity within the Haitian-American community of East Flatbush as a pathway for deeper community building, healing, and celebration. If you would like to participate please email:

Lalin has been having endearing and enlightening conversations around what it means to be Haitian, what it feels like to not speak kreyòl and what it feels like for those who are fluent.

The underlying theme is a love for our heritage and for this language, despite the times when Haitians have been ridiculed in schools, in the media, and pressured to assimilate…what continues to persevere is a deep love and celebration for what the culture holds. These conversations are fueling the creation of new music—stay tuned!