Laurena Finéus is a Haitian-Canadian visual artist based in New York, NY and is an MFA Candidate at Columbia University (2024) . She was born and raised in Ottawa, ON. In her practice, Finéus has been concerned with representations of black geographies, maroon ideologies, and migratory patterns through painterly, figurative, and imagined landscapes.  

She is a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts . Her work has been exhibited at Jenkins Johnson (2023), Wallach Art Gallery (2023), G101(2022), the Ottawa Art Gallery (2021), and Art mûr (2019) among others. She was the recipient of the Helen Frankenthaler fund (2023), the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2022) , the Ottawa Arts Council IBPOC Emerging Artist Award (2022), and the Ineke Harmina Standish Memorial (2019).  

Finéus will be conducting a series of 3 to 4 community workshops with Brooklyn-based migrant organizations. Each workshop will be based on a particular pillar and create a different window into exploration of creative tools as a form of emotional processing for its participants. Finally, she will be directly responding with works that reflect outcomes of each workshop.