Jonathan Michel (East Flatbush) is a Haitian-American bassist, composer and arranger. Along with his work on the local Philadelphia and New York scenes, Jon has spent much of the past few years touring and serving residencies around the world. Born in the USA to Haitian Immigrant parents, he has spent time studying Black American, Western Classical and African music. Jon describes his voice as an exploration between cultures, technique and tradition. While each musical opportunity presents unique challenges, goals and lessons, his aim remains the same: to honor the masters of the music and to share his Haitian culture.  

In 1977 after getting married, Jonathan Michel’s parents Joseph and Marie moved into an apartment on Crown St and Utica Ave. 40 years later, shortly after getting married, Jon and his wife moved into an apartment on Rutland Rd and Troy Ave, unknowingly  just a few blocks from where his parents began their family life.  

“My goal in this residency to to inform and educate myself and others about our roots in EF as Haitian Americans, as well as to show the elders that we are a continuation of their work.” 

Through his Lakou NOU project, Michel will explore the roots of the Haitian community in EF through personal connection and the experiences of EF residents. Konèktif will open the dialogue between generations and help unlock the potential that dialogue can bring towards strengthening our community. 

Konèktif will activate East Flatbush as a site for intergenerational relationship building through outdoor performances, conversations and folk music shared by Haitian elders, and a public performance of community archived Haitian music and song shared by an intergenerational band comprised of professional musicians and East Flatbush community members. 

If you are interested in participating in Konèktif, please contact Jonathan Michel at jonmichelmusic [at] 

Stay tuned for upcoming Konèktif event dates